Rowan, Andrejević and Henry, last pieces of Levitec Huesca La Magia

It has been a complex summer for Levitec Huesca The Magic at the time of forming the squad, especially on the inside, arriving at the first game without ‘Fives’ and having to be the junior of Basket Zaragoza, Aday Mara, future of Spanish basketball, the starting pivot. Precisely from the rojillo team, the ‘four’ shooter Jaime Fernández and the 4-5 Aitor Etxeguren have come on loan. In addition to a Gracin Bakumanya Of which we already spoke at the time, three other players have arrived to complete that decimated inner game.

Maverick Rowan
United States / 1996/201 cm

The most veteran will remember Ron Rowan, a shooter who walked through Spain. This course we will have his son in the LEB Gold. He is a player of certain fame in High School and who was recruited in 15/16 by NC State, where he spent two seasons standing out (16/17: 12.0 pt, 3.7 re ), which made him seek the leap to professionalism. That summer of 2017 he surprised by signing a long contract for the Serbian FMP, but after three games this adventure was over, landing in the G-League after being chosen in the draft of that competition (he would regularly play -5.5 pt, 1.0 re in Lakeland Magic – and he would even have opportunities in the NBA Summer League with the Spurs). The 18/19 was discarded from the beginning in the G-League, being included in our list of interesting discards for the LEB, but after arriving at the player pool he was eventually called back to the G-League by the Westchester Knicks, but in January he went to the Austin Spurs for ten games (6.0 pt, 1.9 re), ending the season at the Maine Red Claws. That 18/19 would be the last season in which he would play regularly as a professional, since 19/20 was going to do it in the Canadian NBL with St John’s Edge, but was cut in the training camp. After the COVID break and the year after, his appearance this summer in one of those local leagues like the Miami Pro League made it clear that he was in good shape. Peñas opted to have him to the test and the player passed the challenge without problems, making a place for himself in the team.

The discards of the G-League 18/19

Ideal for the four open, from the corners or in the pick and pop, with elegant and fast mechanics, he can play without the ball, and it helps in defense. He must grow physically, and he is a player who does not generate, but is a killer great for that open 4 profile. Cache.

It is clear that Rowan is a player who has improved his physique in these years, who can play 3-4 and that both in preseason and in these first league games, in addition to his dangerous shooting ability, he has shown that he dares to try to get to the hoop. Its versatility is a plus; his good hand, insurance. If he tightens on defense and adapts to the tactical game, he can have a future here.

Aleksandar Andrejević
Serbia / 1991/211 cm

Center already veteran, with experience mainly in several Balkan countries. Trained in Serbian teams, he began to have minutes in Mladost, although his first experience abroad was 13/14 by the Bulgarian Cherno More, with whom he would repeat 14/15. The following years, a trail of teams, being even in the spotlight of some LEB Plata team as a possible incorporation. It would pass through Strumica, Kumanovo, Spartak Subotica and Ibar Rožaje, leaving the latter in its second year (17/18) to set sail in March 2018 to Switzerland, landing at the modest Riviera (7.2 pt, 8.8 re). He did not find attractive offers on 18/19, starting the course in the second Serbian before signing in March in North Macedonia, where he would stand out with Ohrid (11 pa, 14.0 pt, 7.7 d). The interrupted 19/20 jumped to Bosnian Leotar (7.4 pt, 5.6 re), returning last season to Macedonian lands to join Kumanovo, a midfield team where he shone again (12.4 pt, 7.7 re).

After a whole summer dizzy with the name of Cuban Javier Justiz, whose knee and performance at half throttle generated many doubts (although surely in Gold it would be decisive), and there are no other options, in my opinion Aleksandar Andrejević as the starting center is a controversial bet. This is an old school classic ‘five’. Perhaps those 211 centimeters are on the rise, but he is a center with a plant and weight that is difficult to move. Comfortable in the cuts, where he likes to finish in mate when he plays without the ball, he has two highly mechanized feint movements on the post and knows how to put the blocks to play the continuation. It is sparsely lavished from medium-long distance. Watch for your bounce in your zone box out and with instinct for the offensive. I think he lacks that level of speed and explosiveness, so he will suffer in Gold (he will be late in defense and the roll in attack will be complicated). It will be necessary to see if with big pivots in the post it is decisive. Bet of risk but that can go well, although he has not yet joined a team with which he did his first training yesterday (it took him a long time to arrive in Huesca after serving quarantine in his land after having tested positive).

Micaiah Henry
United States / 1997/206 cm

It remains to be known what will happen to Micaiah Henry, who has not been discharged despite training (the latest information from Huesca points to the non-arrival of the transfer). Formed at Tennessee Tech between 2015 and 2019, 18/19 was his best season in the NCAA (9.7 pt, 4.7 re, 1.8 ta), being transferred to South Carolina on 19/20 but without having opportunities. After not playing last season, he went to Wels (Austria) in the preseason, where inactivity (which weighed on him) and the appearance of Jimbo lull they made the Austrian club take advantage of a cut-off clause. We are talking about a ‘five’ not very tall, but broad in the back. Strong in blocking, he knows how to receive with his back to the rim, kick and turn, as well as take advantage of the cuts to finish. Maybe he lacks that bit of explosiveness and refined movements at the post. Back does its job, protecting the rebound and the rim with its options. After almost two years without playing and with the toll of being rookieMaybe the important player tag is too big for him, but he can give good minutes of relief and progress little by little if he has a presence on the court.