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USA-. Kendall jenner he always kept his love affairs private. Except for photos captured by paparazzi, the model never enjoyed socializing with her partners publicly. But apparently his relationship with the athlete Devin Booker He is going on a more serious path than the previous ones, since she has no problem showing affection to him.

Weekend Kendall jenner attended the match between Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix suns, the basketball team that her boyfriend belongs to. The model cheered Booker, the NBA star, as she sat by the court with her friends Travis “Taco” Bennett, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. The young woman wore a casual look with a black jacket and black pants with olive green heels.

But the romantic moment for the tender couple came when the triumph of the Phoenix suns upon Los Angeles Lakers 115 to 105. Booker left fans and fans alike in awe Jenner when he ran to his girlfriend to give her a hug and a kiss. This greatly surprised the followers of the model, since she does not usually share many public displays of affection.

In June Jenner confirmed his courtship with Booker in the reunion special of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and explained why she chooses to keep her love life private. “I feel like it has always worked best for me that way. I think it makes my life so much easier and our relationship so much better, to be completely honest. I feel like it’s a private matter. It is not for anyone else to judge, “said the model.

That same month a source said the duo “got serious quickly last summer.” “She is crazy about him. He never looked happier. His whole family loves Devin too. They are still young, but everyone supports them. They are a great couple. This is the happiest relationship Kendall has ever had. Devin is very private about their relationship, but it is obvious that they have something special, “added the source about Jenner and Booker.

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Romantics! Kendall Jenner and David Booker share a tender moment at a basketball game – The Intranews