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In the distant 1990s, Looney tunes They were living a golden age in television and part of the cinema, as their iconic cartoons were seen all over the world and they already had a film starring him Lucas Duck. Without a doubt, the idea of ​​taking his adventures to the big screen with the entire famous group headed by Bugs bunny It was only a matter of time. So the question arose: in what way? With basketball.

Basketball and the 90’s can only refer to one person in particular, and that is Michael Jordan was the ideal option to accompany the Tunes on his adventure in the movies. Space Jam: Game of the Century – 36% Despite not receiving a great reception from the critics, it did cause a furor at the box office and a cultural impact. Almost 25 years later, the film can be considered a cult classic that many young adults hold in their hearts. Why make a sequel? Space Jam: A New Era – 64% answer this question.

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The idea of ​​bringing the Looney tunes Another film was explored almost immediately after the original film’s release, but the conversations and ideas between the writers and producers yielded no fruit. Then, in 2014 it became official that this sequel was already a complete event and after seven years of long waiting, seasoned basketball and Tunes fans can finally enjoy a more up-to-date adventure. Was the rush achieved?

Times change, fashion evolves and what was attractive years ago may not be so attractive in more contemporary times. The idea of ​​bringing Lebron James as the protagonist exemplifies this point, he is the one who takes the spotlight on this occasion. Not from the point of view of a personal duel with what happens in his career, but with a family conflict. The mistake of every father is to want to see himself reflected in his children, such is the case of this story, who despite having a very similar past with his son Dom in his childhood, Lebron James he wants each of them to be a great player just like him. This leads him to have an argument with his son, to distance himself, and in an exploration in Warner studies they end up in the Servedverse.

Beyond having the Looney tunes back, the film has a part of drama, when we witness the intention of the father and son to reconnect, and know what each of them wants. The ties are not strong between the two, that is evident, so the evolution of characters with respect to everything that happens in the adventure forces Lebron to really know his son and Dom to understand his father.

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The director of the tape, Malcolm D. Lee is aware that Looney tunes They are no longer what they were 20 years ago and have lost some relevance over time. In what way does it fill these spaces that could remain as an extension of the first film? With all the power of the licenses you have Warner Bros. Without entering the realm of spoilers, Space Jam: Game of the Century shows in a subtle way and without falling into the “infinite reference” as in Ready Player One: The Game Begins – REVIEW Space Jam A New Era Tribute and Power78%, all the arsenal that the production company has. Ranging from the classics of the golden age of cinema, most acclaimed television series, caricatures of Hanna barbera, the most iconic DC comics heroes and two quite reserved surprises that will make everyone smile.

From signature animation, iconic themes, little Easter eggs, hidden but subtle details, and even a scene that Wonder Woman fans are going to love. Each of these components recall not only the popularity of the Looney Tunes, but also the power of Warner Bros and that surprisingly now they have known how to use and exploit.

So what role do Looney tunes? Although they do not go to a second term, the ones who are given the most attention are Bugs and Lola Bunny (Zendaya), who will be King James’ main moral guides and playmates. Still, the rest of the Tunes have their time to show off, as none is left out or without attention. The characteristic humor of each of them is still present, just as if it were yesterday.

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What stands out the most about the film is its incredible animation, which ranges from 2D to 3D, from the protagonists, the versions with texture and depth of the Tunes, the public that are practically the majority of Warner licenses and visual effects at the time of the main game. It does not skimp on anything when it comes to offering a show of visual quality.

The Goon squad, made by Klay thompson, Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, Diana Taurasi Y Nneka ogwumike They are everything a basketball fan could hope for: match-worthy final rivals. The skills of each one of them added to the incredible special effects make them not go unnoticed. Don cheadle What Al G. Rhythm he does not disappoint in his role as a villain, especially in the last play of the film.

Space Jam: A New Era – 64% from Malcolm D. Lee is a satisfying example that even many years after the original film, a sequel can be made that does not have the need to continue a story and has to tie up all the loose ends, but only concentrates on delivering a visually entertaining movie amazing and fun.

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