Resident in Chapicuy begins today a hunger strike so that their claims are attended | Daily Change

By Andrés Torterola.
Luis Mendieta is a Salta citizen. He has lived with his family for 20 years in Chapicuy, a town located in the department of Paysandú, 35 km from Salto. Today Mendieta begins to go on a hunger strike, in dialogue with CAMBIO said that these drastic measures are due to the false promises of Mayor Milton Laurencena who promised that he would manage, knocking on doors, looking for solutions, possibilities and improvements for the citizens of the municipality . There were unfulfilled promises, commitments that did not prosper on the part of the local authorities.
Mendieta also appoints the mayor Nicolás Olivera and the Director of Decentralization Gabriela Gómez, since in February there was a meeting where the mayor asked that they bring him a project and from there the mayor would take charge of the materials and tools to give the first steps of this activity, if the mayor was served by what was produced by the Chapicuy workers, the commune would take over the purchase of what was produced. On that occasion, it was decided to buy a machine to make blocks for the construction, the idea was that the mayor would make three important purchases and later let the workers manage the company.
These promises were not fulfilled either, from the mayor’s office they were required to register with a monotax, which is a contribution regime by which, through the payment of a single contribution (BPS and DGI), many more workers can access the Security System Social. The workers and their families, complying with the monotax, have Social Security rights, the neighbors started the negotiations through MIDES to make it more economical. Less more than we leave it on hold because if not today they would have another debt generated, the commitments were breached by the Paysandú Municipality, Mendieta indicated.
Another of the reasons that led him to take this hunger strike measure was the marginalization they have suffered from Mayor Laurencena, who turned his back on the group of workers and did not speak to them. “Last Saturday the director of decentralization Gabriela Gómez was there and she told me not to strike because she was going to put all the institutions against me, but I have been fighting for 6 months to get ahead with my family and with others. People who are in the same situation, in the place the mides never presented a solution, we do not want baskets, we want labor solutions. “I am going to do the hunger strike so as not to expose any woman, the objective is to draw attention to whoever corresponds, that in a town north of Paysandú there are Uruguayans who are on hunger strike seeking to find work paths to find a solution and get out of debt ”. Chapicuy is Uruguay, the pandemic affects, for 6 months we have been fighting to get ahead but we are not being listened to, said Luis Mendieta.