Report: Lauri Markkanen Agreed to Arrival to Cleveland Cavaliers in Sign and Trade with Chicago Bulls and Portland Trail Blazers | Argentina | The Official Site of the NBA

Lauri markkanen was probably the strongest name left in the Free agency. A young man with conditions that could not stand in Chicago Bulls and he needed a change of air to jumpstart his career. The new destination? Cleveland Cavaliers, in an operation that was finalized through a sign and trade with those of Illinois and in which he also participated Portland Trail Blazers, according to information from Adrian Wojnarowski (ESPN) and Shams Charania (The Athletic).

How was the agreement?

  • Cleveland receives: Lauri Markkanen (contract for 4 years and $ 67 million)
  • Chicago receives: Derrick Jones Jr., first round draft 2022 (1-14 protected), second round draft (2023)
  • Portland receives: Larry Nance Jr.

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For the interior of Finland (24 years old) comes the long-awaited change of air, with a more than interesting contract (above 15 million per year on average) and in a striking sports scenario, with a organization in full reconstruction that empowers its young nucleus, although it is left with a situation to be resolved as to how to use its interiors. And it is that not only They renewed Jarrett Allen as pivot (100 million for 5 years), but they selected in the third place of the Draft to Evan Mobley, an interior with qualities to become an outstanding player who was projected as the 4 starter with the former Brooklyn.

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Interesting challenge for coach JB Bickerstaff on how to use them. And this, of course, not counting Kevin love, To who He has two years left on his contract (31.2 and 28.9 million). Is the buyout coming for the nearly 33-year-old veteran? Sportingly, he doesn’t seem to have a hole in the Cavs. Now, Markkanen must show everything he could not in the Bulls, going from highest to lowest after being chosen in 7th place in the 2017 Draft. In 2020-2021? Just 13.6 points and 5.3 rebounds in 25.8 minutes.

What does the operation generate for the others involved? The bulls they get a return for someone they could have lost for nothing in the market. Not just in the form of draft picks, but receiving Derrick Jones Jr., an athletic forward who was missing for the second unit of Billy Donovan’s team.

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And the Blazers, for their part, got in and out always utilitarian and versatile Nance Jr., who will be of enormous value to boost the rotation of Chancey Billups. The Oregon offseason had been pretty weak in terms of building the structure around Damian Lillard, and while Nance Jr. won’t make them take a quality leap, Yes, it will provide greater strength to the structure (and with a good contract with two years and 20.2 million remaining).

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