The penultimate day will begin today when the somiseros visit University for Group A from 9:30 p.m., with the aim of winning to continue fighting for the qualification to the second phase. Belgrano, with an auspicious present, and Regatas, beginning to say goodbye, will play tomorrow. Los Andes will be free.

Somisa beat University 81 to 60 in our city.

At the beginning of the ninth and penultimate date of the CAB 1 Sports Region Tournament, Somisa will perform tonight in Rosario, visiting Universitario from 9:30 p.m. in a match valid for Group A. Although a defeat would not leave them eliminated today, the Somiseros are forced to win against what is the weakest rival in the area. And winning, then they will have to play the qualification to the second phase on the final day in the “Founding Partners” with Talleres de Arroyo Seco, which tomorrow will measure with Juventud Unida de Cañada Rosquín. Temperley will be free, leader and undefeated and already classified for the next instance.

Somisa already beat “Uni” at home without major shocks by 81 to 60. In that clash the differences in power between one team and another were evident. The Rosario are last and did not win so far in the contest. However, Somisa of the three games he should have won – that is, those in which he faced rivals of similar strengths – did not win any, so he will have to make an effort to qualify. Likewise, it depends on itself; that is the positive in this uncertain panorama.

For now, for today’s engagement, Federico Pascual will be in a position to reappear in “los del barrio”, after having met the suspension date that was applied to him after the incidents against Temperley. Instead, coach Nicolás Arámburu must meet one more date, so today Somisa will once again be led by assistant Juan Páez. From now on, Martín Pérez Douthat will not be there either, injured and with several months of recovery ahead of him. In effect, the Chaco forward was already replaced by the missionary escort Franco Zandomeni, who, in any case, would only join the squad on Monday, thinking about “the final” that Somisa will face next week in San Nicolás with Talleres de Arroyo Seco. .

Tomorrow they will play Belgrano and Regatas, two that go through opposite realities in the Regional. El Rojo has three wins in a row and got fully into the fight for qualification in Group B, led by Nicolás Maffei and Elías Eterovich, his latest additions, and with a great job from Lucas Núñez. Looking to extend his winning streak, Belgrano will now host Santa Paula de Gálvez, a direct rival in that fight, from 9:30 p.m. If the team led by Daniel Maffei obtains a new victory, it will take an important step towards the next stage. In Gálvez, Santa Paula beat him 94 to 78.

At the same time, Group C Regatas will begin to say goodbye to the competition in front of the leader, Las Parejas, with whom it will run into “La Ribera”. Nautico suffered two painful defeats last week to Provincial and Timbúes, results that left them with no chance of qualifying. There is also no chance for Los Andes de Villa Ramallo, which fell in its seven appearances in Group D and will be free this weekend.

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