In addition to Somisa, Regatas and Belgrano, among the more than thirty registered are Los Andes and Defensores de Villa Ramallo, and Riberas and Sacachispas de Villa Constitución. The competition -both for the male and female branches- will start on the 25th of this month.

As EL NORTE reported in yesterday’s edition, the CAB 1 Region Regional Tournament, qualifying for the Federal both in the male and female branches, will begin on the 25th of this month. This contest will not only be for the First Division, but also for the U-17, U-15 and U-13 categories (in these cases it will classify the respective nationals).

The registration deadline – which initially expired on Friday – lasted for a week, so it will close next Friday. So far there are 31 clubs registered to face the competition, at different levels, among which are three from Nicole, Belgrano, Regatas and Somisa, and another four affiliated to the Association of San Nicolás, Los Andes and Defensores de Villa Ramallo and Riberas and Sacachispas of Villa Constitución.

Along with them are Argentino, Gimnasia y Sirio Libanés de Pergamino, Alianza Colón, Sportivo Rojas, Sportivo de Las Parejas, Alumni de Casilda, Red Star de San Lorenzo, Talleres de Arroyo Seco, Santa Paula and Centenario de Gálvez, Rosario Central, Newell ´s, Temperley, Gimnasia, Provincial, Fisherton, El Tala, Fortín Barracas, Náutico, Sportsmen Unidos, Unión y Progreso and Universitario, all from Rosario.

Among the men there will be First, Sub-17, Sub-15 and Sub-13. The format includes an initial phase in which the participants will be divided into zones, playing all against all, back and forth within each one of them. Then there will be a second stage, which would be accessed by the first and second and eventually some of the best third parties according to the number of teams.

In this instance, home runs will be played, which will be organized by the best placed. Two rounds will be played: semifinal and final (1st vs. 4th and 2nd vs. 3rd). Those who lose in the semifinals will be eliminated, while those who win will continue to compete. If there are more than four, the qualifiers will continue to be eliminated until there are four teams left, which will be the ones that will star in the Final Four, which will take place in two days. That same system will also be used on the women’s side, in which it will be played in First, Under-17 and Under-14.

In the First Division, the competing institutions must present a list of good faith composed of twenty-five players (of which a minimum of eight and a maximum of twelve must sign a roster on the day of the game). Of the twelve who play, up to eight may be older and the rest younger than 19 years (minimum two).

Another aspect that was made known is that during the first phase the pass book will be open for incorporations. They may even be between players who are members of teams from the same championship. Once this stage is completed, the book will be closed.

From what this medium was able to find out by consulting the press in other cities, in the men’s First there could be about twenty teams. Some of them would be Belgrano, Regatas, Somisa, Los Andes, Sportivo Las Parejas, Talleres de Arroyo Seco, Central, Newell’s, CAOVA, University, Provincial, Temperley, Nautical, Gymnastics, Sportmen Unidos, Santa Paula and Centenario de Gálvez.

It was learned that the inauguration of the Regional could take place in San Nicolás on Thursday 23 with an important presence.