El Rojo beat Santa Paula de Gálvez at home 81 to 76 and Zone B of Regional CAB 1 was red hot. On the last date, those from Amarillo will play hand-in-hand for the next instance in Rosario against Sportmen, with whom they share second position. In zone C, Regatas fell in La Ribera against Sportivo Las Parejas.

Franco Cionco was the top scorer of the match. THE NORTH.


Belgrano achieved a valuable home win for the last round of group B of Regional CAB 1, defeating none other than the leader, Santa Paula de Gálvez. It was 81-76 for those led by Ariel Amarillo, who sentenced the story in the fourth quarter from a flurry of Nicolás Maffei, scoring and assisting.

As expected, the duel was very tough and with heated spirits in several sections, both on and off the field of play. Inside the rectangle, Franco Cionco started “right” from 6.75 and gave the first advantages to the team from Nicole, which in that first quarter also suffered from the hand of Voltero and Solari. But the visit abused the shot of three and finished the set with 3/12. Belgrano had several minutes of confusion in attack and the visit with Godoy becoming strong in the painting. The good income of Calcaterra and Eterovich allowed those of Amarillo to go to the front at the first half, in a match that already had a hot climate after a very clear lack of Maffei to Solari that the referees did not sanction, and aroused angry complaints from part of the coach and visiting relatives.

Belgrano entered the second quarter well and got the maximum of 8 (25-17), but fell into a well that had him more than 3 minutes without converting. In that period, Gálvez’s men punished from the perimeter; They went to the front with a triple by Rodríguez and escaped to six (27-33), stamping an 8-0 run in what was their best moment in the game.

The local took back the reins of the game in the third quarter, with the lucid leadership of Maffei and the effectiveness of Cionco, Eterovich and Calcaterra. With a partial of 11-4, those of Amarillo took the lead and managed to stretch the difference to 7, but the triples of Godoy and the appearances of Amprimo arrived to lead the Santa Fe to get fully into the fight facing the final ten minutes. That set was the best of Belgrano at night. LO started Maffei very well at the base, and Eterovich put two bombs in a row to take a 9 lead (73-64) averaging the period. El Rojo found easy goals and closed the roads in defense to a rival who had little clarity in offense, depending too much on individual arrests.

With the victory, Rojo was second in the group together with Sportmen, whom he will visit on the last date. Santa Paula is the leader, one point above both. On the last date, two of them will achieve the classification and the rest will be fired.

Regattas could not

In a match that was defined in a supplementary double and ended after midnight, Náutico fell at home against Sportivo Las Parejas by 109 to 105, after equaling at 86 and 96. The nicoleños had it to win, but they came too diminished to the definition (four players left for fouls) and finally the Lobo managed to take the two points to Santa Fe. In this zone C, those of Dastugue no longer had a chance to qualify.

For group A, On Thursday Somisa beat Universitario in Rosario, while last night Talleres de Arroyo Seco beat Juventud (Cañada Rosquín) at home by 85 to 82. In the last date, the somiseros are obliged to beat those of Arroyo by more than 9 points to get into the second phase.

Belgrano 81
Santa Paula 76

Stadium: Fortunato Bonelli
Referees: M. Arribas – A. Ferrari.
Partial: 22-17, 11-20, 30-25, 18-14.

Belgrano (81): N. Maffei 13, Cionco 24, Calcaterra 11, Delon 2 (x), Nuñez 7 (x) (fi); Alimena 6, Prediger 0, Eterovich 18. DT: A. Yellow.
Santa Paula (76): Solari 14, T. Voltero 11, Rodríguez 14, Godoy 14, Sosa 7 (fi); M. Voltero 2, Delucchi 0, Vico 2, I. Amprimo 12. DT: L. Blanc.

Regattas 105 (86) (96)
Sp. Couples 109 (86) (96)

Stadium: The Ribera.
Referees: R. Olivera – M. Petroni.
Partial: 19-25, 15-25, 27-18, 25-18. Sup 1: 10-10; Sup 2: 9-13.

Regattas (105): Castonjáuregui 2; Rodríguez 9 (x), Ingratta 28 (x), Mena 25 (x), Andollo 13 (x) (fi); López 18, Manzano 0, Noguera 10, Cernetti 0. DT: P. Dastugue.
Sportivo LP (109): A. Carlachiani 15, Mato 30, Ecker 14, Marín 10, Silva 19 (fi); Zucalli 5, Heck 5, Levini 11. DT: M. Pighin.

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