Record: Welcome introduced Sorcerer Cabrera on Friday and dismissed him the next day

Coach Fernando “El Hechicero” Cabrera was outraged this Monday with the Welcome board that last Friday he presented him as the team’s new coach but that the next day he had to dismiss him to hire the American Reque Newsome, who had an altercation with the coach last year at Unión Atlética.

Welcome, what this year he will contest the DTA after descending in El Metro 2019 to the third division of Uruguayan basketball, presented Cabrera on Friday with this poster that he posted on his social networks.


This is how he presented Welcome to Cabrera

However, the coach surprised this Monday with a publication on his Twitter account in which he announced that on Saturday he had disassociated himself from the W for “disrespectful” facts towards his person.

What happened? The coach explained that that same Saturday, coach Mauricio González, who was his technical assistant recently, called him and asked him what had happened to him at Welcome because he had been called to offer him the position. Absorbed by the situation, because he had been exchanging messages with the club leaders for 48 hours to set up the squad, Cabrera contacted the member of the basketball commission Wilfredo “Fefo” Ruiz to find out what was happening.

“I am very sore, very sorry and you can even say annoyed with Welcome’s attitude and way of proceeding. I think that the way of acting was tremendously sloppy, especially in the form, which is what matters most, because decisions can be shared or not, but the issue is when respect for an adult is lost, towards a coach with a trajectory like the one I have, “Cabrera said on Monday in Pica la Naranja, which is broadcast on AM 970.

“On Thursday we reached an economic and sports agreement with the club. On Friday I met and we began to outline the squad. The name of (Reque) Newsome was proposed to me Because last year we had a problem at Unión Atlética, which for me was nothing more than a court discussion, which was oversized because the camera was in a time-out and because the next day Newsome made the decision not to continue at the club. I had no problem running it or sitting down for coffee with him and telling them that he was going to be a valuable player to meet the goal of promotion. Because of what Nacho told me (NdeR: Ignacio López, President of Welcome), the player said he didn’t want to be led by me and there it was in stand by. We had arranged a meeting for Saturday at 4:30 p.m., I was already working and my coaching staff was formed with Guzmán Álvarez and Rodrigo Cunha and we had everything on track. I was texting with players all day, at 3:00 PM Fefo called me to tell me that the meeting had been canceled and it was for Monday. After 15 minutes a coach called me to let me know that Fefo called him to offer him Welcome and asked me what had happened. I told him that nothing had happened, that I was in line with him, talking about players. I cut off, I called him until he answered me and I asked him what was wrong, if he was looking for a coach and he said yes and I asked him why: ‘Because Newsome doesn’t want to play with you and the priority is Newsome.’ There I told him some things: that I did not agree, that it was disrespectful, that it was a terrible handling. He wanted to tell me something else and I told him I had no more interest in talking and cut off the phone. ”

Cabrera and Newsome coincided last year at Unión Atlética in El Metro 2020, but on the ninth date, in a match against Colón, they had a strong discussion that led to Newsome leaving the club the next day. In January, the Uruguayan nationalized American announced his retirement but in this Metro decided to return to defend Lagomar.

“It is a matter of education, values, respect and the way, that the word is worth much more than a signed paper,” he added.

“Ruiz, basketball people, I was completely disappointed, had a bad handling as a leader and as a person. If Newsome was the priority, you had to ask which technician he wanted. They chose Fernando Cabrera and last when that happens, before calling another coach, they should have told me, “he concluded.

Consulted by the same medium, López acknowledged that the handling of Welcome was not good: “Personally, I respect Fernando very much, there was no problem with him, he was very respectful, active and I have nothing bad to say about him. I recognize that the management of the club and the basketball commission was not the best, There are a lot of grounds for this whole outcome, it is not that it was capricious, I know that it is sometimes harsh, unfriendly, I understand that it is angry, it has every right to be, but I must look after the interests of the club. I apologized to Fernando and I must meet the objectives set which are to build a competitive team to try to get to El Metro “.