Recife AmeriCup: the only encouraging news in a 2022 with shadows

The selected one escaped the crisis of an increasingly chaotic Argentine basketball, less and less publicized / Photo: Courtesy of the Confederation.

Obtaining part of the male team of the AmeriCup in Recife It constituted, perhaps, the only encouraging news of the year that is ending of an Argentine basketball that continues to exhibit shadows in institutional matters.

The title achieved during the second weekend of September against local Brazil (75-73) allowed the representative from Albiceleste to endure a hot flash like the one that had happened days before, once the qualifying window for the 2023 World Cup ended, when in Mar del Plata there was a victory over Bahamas (95-77). However, the unexpected and little explaineddeparture of DT Néstor ‘Che’ García He took all the information flashes.

His replacement, Pablo Prigioni from Córdoba, immediately took the lead and leaned on the trident armed by the basketball players Facundo Campazzo (at that time a player for the NBA’s Denver Nuggets), Nicolás Laprovíttola (Barcelona) and Gabriel Deck (Real Madrid) to win the gold medal.

The campaign also included two successes over the US Virgin Islands (95-62), Puerto Rico (99-86), the Dominican Republic (90-78), Venezuela (76-53) and the United States (82-73).

That campaign in the continental contest and staying up to date World Cup qualification expectation (with a 7-3 record, it ranks fourth in group E with 17 points) were the positive aspects of a team that escaped the crisis of an increasingly chaotic Argentine basketball, less and less publicized.

Pablo Prigioni new DT of the men's team Archive photo
Pablo Prigioni, new coach of the men’s team / File photo.

National League television

The usual competition in the National League (LNB) began last September, but with an additional drawback that -until now- had rarely been so eloquently expressed: the almost null relationship between the Association of Clubs (AdC) and the company in charge mostly of the television of the product (TyC Sports) resulted in a noticeable decrease in the diffusion of the matches.

It is that the AdC reinforced its claim to broadcast the different meetings through the program BasketballPass.TVa streaming system that he had previously used -for example- to televise the Argentine League last season.

The truth is that television, beyond a series of complementary items that its subscribers can consider as plausible aspects (the broadcast of the South American League and different competitions at the continental level of FIBA ​​America, for example) incurred the same deficits that it had shown in previous editions: transmissions of low quality and likely to be cut frequently. This resulted in a low number of subscribers.

The technical impossibility of transmitting -in some cases- matches simultaneously led to the programming of unusual hours such as 11:00, 17:30 or 18:00 on weekdays. Consequences? Play in stadiums that are practically half empty or with no more than 500 spectators in the stands.

The usual competition in the National LNB League began last September Photo Luis Cetraro
The usual competition in the National League (LNB) began last September / Photo: Luis Cetraro.

Suspensions of affiliations and interventions of the CAB

Diffusion was not the only aspect with shadows in this 2022 of Argentine basketball. Membership suspensions and interventions by the Argentine Confederation (CAB), chaired by Fabián Borro, were commonplace.

Thus, the Federations of Buenos Aires, Río Negro and Santa Fe, among others, went through shocks, saw leaders leave (Miguel Chami, from Junin, CAB’s former first vice president, for example) and appear in unclear ‘regularization’ periods, if is wanted.

And already towards November, a cold communication brought an unexpected “acquittal”, beyond a resolution to pay 80 thousand dollars in “concept of reparation for damage caused”.

The other president of CAB, Germán Vaccaro, from the pampas, took note that the process against him for the crime of “fraudulent administration” was suspended for a period of three years, after having accepted guilt.

That lawsuit in which the CAB itself in 2016 had been instructed as a complainant with Federico Susbielles from Bahia at the head of the body seemed like an anecdote. That press conference organized by the players of the Golden Generation, prior to the trip to Spain to play the 2014 World Cup, in which different economic and financial irregularities of the Vaccaro management were denounced, thus remained a distant memory in time.

Germn Vaccaro, from Pampas, one of the CAB presidents. Archive photo
Germán Vaccaro, from the pampas, one of the presidents of the CAB / Archive photo.

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Recife AmeriCup: the only encouraging news in a 2022 with shadows