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The final phase of the youth competition will be played this Saturday and Sunday at the Voltaire Paladines Polo Coliseum.

The Ecuadorian Basketball Federation detailed the matches that will be played by the last phase of the National Basketball League, category under-17 men, in the Coliseum Voltaire Paladines Polo, in Guayaquil.

The classified teams, after the nine dates that were played in the three groups and in nine venues, are these:

Guayas Forest (Guayas), Monsters (Pichincha), Pirate of the Lakes (Imbabura), Ambato Soldiers (Tungurahua), Santa María and Orense Sporting Club (Gold).

The order of the matches, which will be played to the best of a duel, is as follows:

Saturday September 18, 2021

  • 08:30, Monsters vs. Guayas Forest
  • 10:15, Ambato Soldiers vs. Orense SC
  • 12:00, Santa Maria vs. Pirate of the Lakes
  • 17:00, for 5th and 6th place: 2nd best loser vs. 3rd best loser
  • 18:45, semi-finals: 1st best winner vs. 1st best loser (game 5)
  • 20:30, semi-finals: 2nd best winner vs. 3rd best winner (game 6)

Sunday, September 19, 2021

  • 09:00, for third place: loser game 5 vs. loser game 6
  • 10:45, final: winner of game 5 vs. winner game 6

The Guayas team, which is led by the Argentinian Miguel Salvitelli and has as his assistant Cuban Alejandro InfanteIt is made up of the players Édison Hernández, Christhian Albuja, Franklin Ruiz, Johnny Hington Ortiz, Valentín González, Diego Morán, Henry Valdiviezo, Stiven Martínez, José Gaviño, Jafet Valencia, Paulo Salazar, David Arellano, Bruno Valero, Allan Benalcázar and Andrés Valarezo .

For its part, the Monsters team, the first rival of the albiceleste team, is led by Sergio Recalde and Pablo Mantilla is your technical assistant. The Pichincha team is made up of Diego Soto, Misael Tinoco, José Hidalgo, Joshua Murillo, Kevin Murillo, Kenny Recalde, Jaime Ordóñez, Andrés León, Mathías Chávez, Esteban Carrera, Dennis González, Josué Ponce, Juan Andrade, Abel Díaz, Sebastián Chávez.

Ambato Soldiers, whose coach is Marco Freire and Argentine Marcos Gil as an assistant, it is made up of Geovanny Filian Ríos, Aaron Padilla, Matías Calvopiña, Andrés Acosta, Carlos Villacís, Paúl Sivinta Quintanilla, Mateo Barroso, Esteban Quiroga, Juan Cepeda, Samuel Vaca, José Palacios, Carlos Hurtado, Tyler Quintero, Anthony Mendieta and Gabriel Mayorga. (D)