Quimsa: the three-year project that seeks a sporting achievement before the Institute

Quimsa, one step away from the title. The team from Santiago – Credits: @Liga Nacional de Básquet

CÓRDOBA.– The festival of the National League keep going. At the end, he still needs a game in the Docta, Which will be this Thursday. And if necessary, another one where he will define yes or yes a champion next Monday. Institute receives Quimsa, starting at 8:00 p.m. and with TyC Sports televising, in the fourth point of the series to the best of five games. the people of Santiago, who had lost the localía at home, they recovered it immediately, in the Caldera del Sandrín, the redoubt of La Gloria. With the series 2-1 in their favor, a victory will place them in the title of Argentine basketball.

But reaching these instances is not an easy task and the Fusion knows this. Gerardo Montenegro, President of the club, has been the head of this project for 20 years, but for three years he has opted for Diego Lo Grippo as sports director. The former basketball player spoke with THE NATION and explained how this process is carried out in which the objectives do not only go through being champions. In addition, he referred to a taboo subject: government support from the province of Santiago del Estero.

Sebastián González, the coach of Quimsa who wants to guide the team to its second National League title

Sebastián González, the Quimsa coach who wants to guide the team to its second National League title – Credits: @Liga Nacional de Básquet

Sebastián González, the Quimsa coach who wants to guide the team to its second National League title (Liga Nacional de Básquet/)

About the Quimsa Athletic Association it’s not by chance. Everything is part of a process three years, led by Diego LoGrippo, the basketball sports director of the institution. “The evolution that the institution has had in being an elite team in the sports area is successful, as a result, in transmitting to the people, in the passion, all of this has been achieved. Important achievements were achieved and it is the eighth final we have played in three years. This sets the tone for the great work that has been done in each area beyond the final result because what we analyze is the process”, he explains proudly.

This Thursday, Quimsa can obtain the second League title in its history. The first was in the 2015 season and the idea is to repeat, although it will not be easy and anything can happen: “We are close to being champions, but sometimes there are circumstances that prevent that final glory from being achieved. Here the important thing is that those of us who work inside the club look each other in the face and know that everything was left to achieve it. Losing last year’s final hurt us, but we held our heads high, this year it will be the same”, he explains.

Franco Baralle is defended by Tayavek Gallizzi

Franco Baralle is defended by Tayavek Gallizzi – Credits: @Liga Nacional de Básquet

Franco Baralle is defended by Tayavek Gallizzi (National Basketball League/)

With a very competitive team and with four foreigners, the Fusion was the one of the regular season, but that took a whole planning to know how to manage the budget and that it had to do with the demanding international friction: “There were different situations in the season. In the beginning, in making the team, we wanted to shoot the young players and only Eric Anderson as a foreigner. Later we were adding others, but without popularity due to a budget issue. As the League progressed, we strengthened the team because we had international competitions and today to play those competitions you have to have foreigners, yes or yes, because you play with teams that have good, renowned and high-quality foreigners. And if we want to match them, we have to get foreigners of that caliber, beyond the fact that we are at a budget disadvantage.”

But, how was this achieved? The sports director explained the engineering done in the season that could end with one more title: “Today we have one of the four best budgets in the League, but for this season we reduced the budget compared to last year. The plan was to add players after the end of the year, especially the foreigners, and we handled our planning in this way to reduce costs at the beginning and invest towards the end because the Final Eight of the Americas Champions League Americas was coming and the closing of the league, so we put together that structure with the money we had to be competitive.”

Finally, Lo Grippo referred to a controversial issue: the great government support in sports in Santiago del Estero. “We want to highlight something about this because many people speak without knowing,” he began his story with great confidence. “The Province of Santiago del Estero has political support for sports that has been doing so for many years, you see it in activities such as the arrival of the soccer team at the Madre de Ciudades stadium and with basketball it does the same with Olímpico. and with us, and it is important, our budget is 50% government and 50% private, it is divided like this, but it is always beneficial for the government to support sports because that generates inclusion so that children can watch professional sports shows and get infected to be able to carry out sports activities. Wherever you go, there are always boys who have a professional player as their image and if you start spinning fine things, there are always positive things in the professional part that surrounds the training part”.

Quimsa has eight titles in its showcases: Copa Argentina 2009, Super 8 Tournament of 2014, National League 2014-15, Super 20 Tournament of 2018, Super 20 Tournament of 2021, Super Cup of 2021, Liga Sudamericana 2009 and Basketball Champions League Americas 2019- twenty. This Thursday he will seek to add a ninth. The possibility is there. The work, too. It won’t be easy because in front of it is Instituto, which is also a serious team. But for the Fusion, only one game separates him from the trophy and there is no better motivation than that.

The rest of the end

  • game 4: Institute vs. Quimsa, on Thursday, June 9 at 8:00 p.m., at the Ángel Sandrín stadium, in Córdoba, with TyC Sports televised.

  • game 5 (if necessary): Quimsa vs. Institute, on Monday, June 13 at 10 pm, at the Ciudad stadium, in Santiago del Estero, with transmission of TyC Sports.

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Quimsa: the three-year project that seeks a sporting achievement before the Institute