Qualified for the Belgrade School Basketball World Cup – Deportivo Escolar

The quotas were disputed among the schools with the best ranking in the UC Gymnasium.

This Thursday at the Gym Catholic University Sports Club The mini-tournament was held that delivers quotas to the planetary event that will be played in September 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia.

On the men’s side they participated in a home run Saint Joseph Patronage, Santiago Compostella, San Ignacio El Bosque, SSCC Alameda, while in ladies they played Institute Sacred Heart San Bernardo, Montessori de Talca and SSCC Alameda.

PSJ to the World Cup

The Salesianos de Bellavistas kept the quota in men, after winning their first two games. (62-38 to Santiago Compostela) (67-40) to San Ignacio El Bosque. That difference achieved in points was enough to win the home run despite falling in the last match in a tight way by 45 to 41 with SSCC Alameda.

Second place went to SIEB, which also won two games, but he was left with a difference of 30 points against PSJ’s 47 positives. Third place went to SSCC Alameda with a difference of -4. Without any victory, Santiago Compostella finished 4th.

College Result College
PSJ 62-38 St. Compostela
SIEB 53-35 SSCC Alameda
SSCC Alameda 57-47 St. Compostela
PSJ 67-40 SIEB
SIEB 75-36 St. Compostela
PSJ 41-45 SSCC Alameda

Triple tie that is defined with the baskets achieved

On the ladies’ side, we find the Instituto Sagrado Corazón de Alemeda, which won the triungular, also thanks to the difference in points achieved in each match. The ISC defeated SSCC Alameda 53-33, while losing 49-53 to Montessori de Talca, leaving a difference of +16.

Montessori de Talca finished second with a victory and a defeat with a difference of +3, while third place remained in the hands of SSCC Alameda with a victory, but -16 in points.

College Result College
Talca Montessori 54-55 SSCC Alameda
ISC 53-33 SSCC Alameda
Talca Montessori 53-49 ISC

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Qualified for the Belgrade School Basketball World Cup – Deportivo Escolar