Puerto Varas women’s basketball branch was crowned Women’s Adult Foursquare champion

Minor series debuted in Ancud

It was intense last weekend for the Puerto Varas Women’s Basketball Branch who participated in the Female Adult Quadrangular that took place in Puerto Montt where the Puerto Rican team, thanks to their associated and effective game in front of the basket, managed to win the 1 location. Outstanding figures of the championship were Camila Vargas, Paula Barrientos and Romina Rivera. This new title that confirms the good work done by the Feminine Branch of the lake city.

Also on Saturday the club’s minor series made their long-awaited debut, in a friendly visiting duel against Ancud, where the series U11, U13, U15 and U18 participated.

The sporting challenges will continue from September 25, with the start of the Women’s Formative League that will summon 6 clubs in the area, CEB Puerto Montt Femenino, Femenino LIZH de Puerto Montt, Madre Paulina de Puerto Montt, CAB de Puerto Montt, Comunal Llanquihue and Female Branch of Puerto Varas.

The Puerto Varas Female Branch was formally established in the midst of a pandemic, on September 11, 2020, thus becoming the first club in the country to obtain its legal status in the IND via online. “From the beginning it was a difficult road, but the push of a group of fathers and mothers who were looking for a space to practice women’s basketball in the commune made it possible for the project to be consolidated in less than a year,” they point out from the club.

Such has been the success of the directive management and the enthusiasm that the sports project has aroused in the commune, that to date, the Puerto Varas Women’s Basketball Branch has all categories, from the recently established U9 to the adult series, grouping almost 70 athletes

Given the increase in series and players, it became necessary to expand the coaching staff, which was initially made up only of Nathalie Castellanos. A coach with experience as a player and as a coach was sought. The chosen one was Bárbara Mansilla, who is also a physical education teacher. The new coach has been part of several campuses, being chosen in the FEMISUR ideal team in 2013. In addition, she participated in a higher education sports league for her university, reaching the national finals on 3 occasions. She has participated in the National Women’s League (LNF) and is currently a player for the Pumas de Osorno club. As a coach, her time at the LIZH Club in Puerto Montt stands out. In his words, reach the Puerto Varas Feminine Branch “It is a beautiful challenge, I have been playing basketball since I was 11 years old and I know how difficult it is, especially for women, however, arriving at this club is an opportunity to support the training of new players and transfer a little experience to make them improve more and more, I believe that with Nathalie Castellanos, who is a great coach, we will be able to support them in their basketball and value growth associated with the practice of sport ”