Prussia Collective

The beginning of the game was very entertaining, the two teams showed their weapons as the Cerro team came out determined to play one by one with Aguilera and Dotti and thus opened a quick income of six (11-5). The Strip adjusted back but mainly the clarity and fluidity on offense appeared with Andreoli from beyond 6.75 although the greatest return was seen with Chervo in the painting, he did what he wanted, they could not contain it and so his team put a partial of 14-4 and took control of the actions of the game. Verdirrojo was not clear, he abused the launch of three and that was noticeable in the closing because Danubio kept giving it to the Argentine to go up 24-17.

The second quarter opened with a double from Chervo and they got a maximum of nine (26-17). But those led by Nacho Ortega found in two consecutive bombings the fastest way to get within range, first Corbisiero, then Aguilera (the clearest) and thus reduce. Those of the Curva continued to give it to Chervo who hurt until Verdirrojo was planted in the zone, he closed well, Danubio only put a triple with Planells and the ball to the Argentine did not come so clean. In attack Verdirrojo ran the court with Cholaquides and Dotti plus a new bomb from Aguilera made them pass on the scoreboard 36-35. Guido Fernández asked for a minute and for the final stretch he changed his face, a 5-0 with Chervo and Álvarez so that his team could finally go up at the end of the first half 42-38.

The return of the long rest was everything for Verdirrojo who put an 11-0 all from beyond the 6.75 two of Dotti and one of Amichetti. Danubio was a little over three minutes without hole until Andreoli placed a bombshell, but the Strip no longer felt comfortable with the situation of the match and this was taken advantage of by those on Prusia Street who also ran the court and with a triple and lack of Corbisiero opened their maximum (60-48). The area that tried to outline the Strip did not give results because Verdirrojo’s triples continued to fall, the reality is that they were killed by bombs in the closing because Planells, Nicolleti and Varela appeared for Danubio (Chervo almost did not touch the ball in this passage) while Amicchetti did it for Verdirrojo. The third quarter was for Ortega’s 68-58.

Basketball is a game of streaks and that is known, Danubio came out with another face, the 2-3 zone gave him effect and he was able to run the court with Álvarez plus a bombshell from Andreoli and five in a row from Varela, they put a 12-0 To go to 70-68, Verdirrojo was now the one who went more than three minutes without making the hole. Both teams alternated on the scoreboard, Dotti showed his face for his team and scored the first field goal with five minutes to go and the parity was absolute 72-72. The score of the match was Chervo’s fifth (3.29 remaining), the Argentine did not convert in the second half. Verdirrojo ran the court and with a 6-0 (Dotti and Aguilera) they put the score at 78-72. The last minute and a half Danubio tried to react, Álvarez was with delivery was the clearest, but the free line was important for Verdirrojo Aguilera put one and Corbisiero and Dotti liquidated the actions and put the final score of 87-77.

Triumph of Verdirrojo, who achieved his third triumph in El Metro and is consolidated in the table, at this point he is one of the pleasant revelations of the contest, showing even very good basketball passages throughout his games.