Provincial gave a night of strong emotions to the basketball of the city

How beautiful basketball is when it moves away from pettiness and appeals to generosity. How emotional it is to see an immense group of people enjoy the success of others, accompany, feel involved, get involved, even if the shirt that is worn in the heart is not in the rectangle.

Provincial made that gift to Rosario basketball on Sunday night, and of course, with his hard work, more economic and organizational effort, he gave himself a fantastic late night, without boasting or selling smoke, with the complexities of simple things but emotional. In short, the ones that really matter in this world that lives running after the pseudo marketing hoax.

The excuse? Bringing a League A match to Rosario after 15 years. The reason? To pay tribute to Adrián Boccia, a man of the house who was a prophet in his land and who after a couple of decades returned to score in Bonilla with the same shirt that took him from the city a long time ago in exchange for the giraffes and the rings in which he overturned it on Sunday night against Athens.

The framework was important in times of Covid, respecting authorizations and protocols, dividing neutral spectators from Cordobes and Xeneizes and with a rostrum for Red’s partners. And in each of the sectors the climate was the same, fun, applause, encouragement and respect, reciprocated from the field of play with two teams that were offered in full.

The emotions arrived early, first with the distinction of Provincial to Omar Cantón, who was accompanied by his parents, and then with the tribute to Boccia, with the Red 7 shirt from the hand of his great friend Pablo Fernández and the children of Adrian. They did not cheer up in the middle of the field, but his wife, family and especially Papa Cacho accompanied excitedly to one side of the rectangle.

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Adrián himself acknowledged that so many sensations together made it difficult for him to maintain focus on the game, that friendly for which so much was worked and was achieved thanks to the initiative and efforts of the Rojo basketball working group but also due to the great predisposition of the casts of the League, who when they see seriousness respond in tune with the circumstances.

In the game, the rhythm was typical of the preseason moment and the precautions of dosing minutes with the start of the Super 20 just around the corner, but little by little they got into the game and let go.

Boca found fluidity faster, found perimeter aim and opened the gap on the scoreboard against an Athens that lost many balls to a supportive and well-planted defense, and that he could not unbalance with his interns but he did not score three either.

However, there was no forcefulness from Xeneize and there was some reaction from Cordoba, with intensity in the replacement and good resolutions from Zalio to close the first half 34 to 28 in a difference that did not adjust to the reality of the game.

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And even a good lapse of Athens from the hand of Cantón allowed him to come close and be just three points away. Of course, until then Vildoza had not taken center stage and when the game needed it, the point guard not only generated but also unbalanced with individual actions such as very long shots or spectacular breaks.

Athens could no longer return to the game and between Boccia and his talent, plus Nesbitt and his dunks, Boca rounded off a good victory ahead of his debut against San Lorenzo in the Super 20.

With a few seconds to play, Gonzalo García took Boccia out to the public’s ovation on the postcard that was missing for a night of legend.

The teams returned the affection to the people from the center of the playing field and Adrián gave his shirt with the signature of the entire team to Marcelo Bloch as one of the heads of the new project that has been betting on basketball for some time. Provincial, for now strongly in the base but looking askance to climb with the first team.

Last night they proved that without jealousy or political pettiness, with sheer effort and initiative, good shows can be achieved.

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ATHENS 64: Alonso 10, Gamboa 4, Mosley 8, Hure 7, Cantón 15 (fi), Araujo 0, Andrés 0, Córdoba 3, Basualdo 9, Zalio 8. DT: Sebastián Saborido.

MOUTH 76: Vildoza 17, Schattman 15, Boccia 15, Nesbitt 11, Aguerre 12 (fi), Buendía 2, Cavallero 2, Guerrero 0, Romegialli 0, Conte Grand 0, Berrios 2. DT: Gonzalo García.

STADIUM: Salvador Bonilla (Provincial).

REFEREES: Olivera, Petrone and Jerez

PARTIAL 9/19, 28/34 and 52/59


All Provincial basketball areas worked hard to meet the necessary requirements and give a great show for the city. Coaches and players also collaborated in the organization. Congratulations for the effort.



After the game, the players from both campuses were very attentive to all those who came to ask for photos and were grateful for their affection.


In 2006 Boca beat Peñarol in the final of the Argentine Cup at Newell’s. From there there was no duel in the city between casts of the highest category. In turn, Provincial was the only rosarino cast to play in League A, back in the late 80s.