Preseason underway

Under the motto «what is conquered is defended» Instituto began the pre-season with new faces. The last champion is preparing to face his eighth season in the National League and the 22-23 edition of the Basketball Champions League Americas.

The team led by Lucas Victoriano got underway at the Ángel Sandrín stadium in the presence of the players Luciano González, Mateo Chiarini, Nicolás Copello, Federico Elias, and the recent addition of Phillip Lockett. The juniors Juan Cruz Frontera, Ignacio Beltramino, Jerónimo Domínguez Dutto, Farid Celador, Josué Santillan Paz, Kadir Pomare, Lautaro Urquiza, Bruno Abratte, Fausto Moussa and Francisco Espinoza also accompanied the practice. Among those absent were Tayavek Gallizzi, affected by the National Team; and the U 23 Bautista Lugarini who was also training with an Argentina shirt.

Another novelty is the incorporation of Marcos Figueredo to the technical staff as Statistical Assistant. Thus, the Technical Body for this season will be made up of: DT Lucas Victoriano, Assistant Ignacio Barsanti, AE Marcos Figueredo, LDD DT Mauro Salinas, Doctor Hernán Quiroga, Kinesiologist Bruno Pellegrino and Coach Florencia Infante Cárdenas.

The squad plans unified training sessions in the morning where a lot of emphasis will be placed on the physical set-up and the construction of technical and tactical behaviors.

Instituto will make its debut in the 22-23 National League season on October 5. He also returns to the international level to compete in the BCLA after becoming champion of the League and the Super 20. But before the official competition, the glorious ones will participate on September 21, 22, 23 and 24 in the Super 4 Tournament in La Rioja, together with the organizer and local Riachuelo, Obras and Quimsa.

For its part, Athens also started yesterday the preparation for a new edition of the National League. The campus began with the preparation to arrive in the best shape for its start in October.

After a brief presentation and under the orders of coach Claudio Arrigoni along with the entire coaching staff, the squad got moving with different jobs on the main field of our headquarters.

Regarding the planning of this stage, Arrigoni assured: «In this first week we are going to focus on the physical part, but we will also start working with the first ideas of the style of play we want». He also stressed the importance of playing some friendly matches, as far as possible with a full squad, to give the team a run.

On the other hand, he was satisfied with the template that was put together. “We moved fast and added the best we could within our budget. But above all we brought players who want to be in Athens, they have said so, and that is an extra point.

Bases Alejandro Konsztadt and Augusto Alonso were present at this first training session. The escorts Federico Mariani and Máximo Araujo. Small forward Octavio Sarmiento plus intern and team captain Omar Cantón.

In addition to the boys from the club who will participate in the Development League. In the next few days the four foreign reinforcements will join the squad. Romeao Ferguson, Arkeem Joseph and Justin Satchell in the first place and later the Mexican Fabián Jaimes.

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Preseason underway