Praying to God Kiril

Uruguay and Colombia performed for the second consecutive afternoon at the Obras Sanitarias Stadium. The Uruguayan team looking for their second win in a row, while the Colombians trying to change what had happened last day.

Uruguay began the match dominating the shares from Fitipaldo’s triple. Colombia was not accurate from the third dimension, but when The light blue failed and found no answers in the paint, the coffee growers took the opportunity to run the field and not depend on the scoring of Angola. Colombia passed the ball well and although Uruguay found a good income from Theo Metzger, they went down 18-19 at the end of the first boy.

The second quarter continued with the same trend as the first. Without Fitipaldo on the field, Uruguay did not know which paths to take in attack, and how to attack the rival zone. Ubal tried to be the offensive anchor of the team but beyond a triple he did not have much impact on his first entry to the court. When Fiti returned, Uruguay improved in attack but continued to suffer in defense, especially in the paint. At the end of the period, an offensive foul on Esteban and a technique on Fiti took Uruguay out of the game. Bruno had already committed an unsportsmanlike offense for which he was disqualified. A very hard loss for the second half. The first finished with Colombia up 39-34.

The third quarter started as Uruguay needed. From the impudence of Joaquín – chosen by Magnano as a substitute for Fiti – and the quality of Serres, but with an ultra necessary Calfani being the owner of the painting. Colombia chained a 7-0 with Angola as a reference but quickly and again with Ubal coming into play, we managed to pass. At the end of the game, the game got into a terrible mess but Uruguay managed to pull it off and finished up 51-48 heading into the final quarter.

The last one started with Uruguay taking personal the fact that Colombia was almost the entire game up. Cabot left her small and Kiril was the owner of everything that happened near both rings. In addition, the triple reappeared and, little by little, Magnano’s team began to take a considerable advantage for the little time left in the game. From Angola and Atencia the coffee team tried a timid reaction, but the game was already closed. Wachsmann however had other plans, and with a masterful closing, he secured the Uruguayan victory in figures of 82-69.

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Praying to God Kiril