Playoffs underway

The LBM playoffs started, in a week full of definitions, with the seasoning that the hottest part of the tournament is already rolling. This and more, we tell you in our classic weekly report.

Divisional A

Group A reached the end of the regular season with a triple tie for first place. Palermo State, beat River Pouey, 66-60 in the first hour. Agustín Berrueta and Rodrigo Carril openly sentenced the game, with which, afterwards, the Palermitano would get the “2” and the advantage in the quarterfinals. The Pouey was condemned to “4” and therefore to the disadvantage. Chalas Negras obtained the “1”, after defeating El Beto, 71-55, who was last. The one from Palermo will play against Redeption with an advantage in the quarterfinals. All In, he was surprised by Los Minions del Pato, who closed the regular phase with four consecutive wins. Piero Manfredi sentenced with free a victory that was worth little to the relative with Nacional. The Olympians lost the advantage.

Group B suspended their usual Wednesday stage due to rain, but brought forward a match of the ninth on Friday at Olivol Mundial. Capitol beat Dardorland Palermo 49-33, positioned well to go for the lead and stayed alive to go for “1”. Albatros did not appear before Redeption, which had already secured its position.

Divisional B

The quarterfinals of Division B began, where two of the four teams that had the advantage, advanced to the semifinals. Peñarol Amateur, left Inadaptados on the way 70-56, in a game in which he reached a maximum of 19 entering the last quarter.

Caimanes, stretched the series, by defeating Celta Desvirgo 68-57. The Venezuelan team managed to sustain the income of 11 points with which it entered the last quarter and making its game weigh in the paint, plus a triple by José Ferrer, closed the game. On Saturday at 9:30 p.m. the second point of the series will be played.

The Kings, beat the Medellin Cartel 56-54 on the closing and advanced to the next instance. Now he waits in the semifinals for the winner between Celta Desvirgo and Caimanes.

Dejan Bodiroga, triumphed over Cimarrón, 65-58 and thus managed to stretch the series to one more game. On Friday at 9:30 p.m. they will play the second and final game. The winner will go to Peñarol Amateur.

The permanence also began to be disputed, where GOAT, beat Bella Unión first, in figures of 58-54. The winner managed to reverse the actions with eight consecutive points from Paulo Rodríguez and closed it with a triple from Eduardo Morales. Now he will try to close the series next Saturday at 20:15.

Sandú Universitario, with 24 points from Federico García, surpassed Stark, 73-68, to be one game away from avoiding relegation .. On Saturday at 10:45 p.m. he will seek to secure the second point and his permanence in the division B.

Divisional C

The regular phase ended and in group A, Bacanos United left Tokio Yakuza as a shoemaker, beating him 67-57, with 35 points from Ariel González. Gaby beat Saapbee agonizingly, with a past layup from Santiago De Gouveia, who was a figure with 24 points. The loser, in any case, qualified for the playoffs, thanks to the victory of Sportivo La Lechuza, 82-52 against 5 Pal Peso, which condemned him to permanence. Rodrigo Burghi with 23 points was the figure.

Group B ended it with two pending matches. At Olivol Mundial, Mucho crushed Darseneros 93-44 with an infinity of high points. Camilo Marotta scored 28 points, Diego De Araujo 22 and Nicolás Álvez 21, while Mauricio Tijman broke a record for assists, with 17. The winner climbed to third place. In Montevideo, MDAR finished the regular phase undefeated, beating CHBA, 55-47. Mauricio Parra was the scorer with 22 goals.

Tonight the quarterfinals start. 20:15 hours, Sportivo La Lechuza has an advantage against Cachengue and then 1-0 will be for La Gaby, over Mucho. They will close the day, 5 Pal Peso against Darseneros for permanence.

On Thursday it will open at 8:15 p.m. with the other crash for the descent between August 25 and Tokyo Yakuza. In prime time, the undefeated MDAR, will play with an advantage against Saapbee and will close the day, CHBA over Bacanos United. The 1-0 will be for the first mentioned.

Divisional D

Group A will have to play a tiebreaker. This came first as a result of the fall of Destilante, which was surpassed by Whiskey, 64-61, in a game that rowed from behind and was able to tie it on the end. Lucas Lepiani was the figure with 33 points, so that his team, a posteriori, finished with “1”. In prime time, America had to win to get to a tie-breaker against the first-hour loser and they did. He won the point against La Marrón 50-46, with free play by Javier Docampo and Sebastián Ovelar. Ultimately, La Costa Cabras came out of shoemaker, by beating Cimarrón Sur, 55-41 and thus left him without the advantage.

Thus, the playoffs and permanence stage was almost conformed. On Wednesday, Whiskey will lead against 2Kamikazes first thing in the morning. Next, La Marrón will have 1-0 in favor against Zoon Politikon. Ultimately, it will be the tiebreaker between Destilante and America.

The postseason will continue on Friday. Todo Red will open the day against La Costa Cabras for the permanence. Next, Zum Felde Pistols will start his series 1-0 against Cimarrón. Bardotellis waits for the winner of the tiebreaker, to start their playoff with an advantage at the last minute.

Cagancha Square Dogs, before the loser of the tiebreaker, will start their series starting next week.

Divisional E

The games of last Monday determined a tiebreaker in group A. Deportivo Montañés suffered, but kept the point against Yaguarí, 46-45, in a game in which he suffered the attacks of his rival in the closing. In this way, he obtained the advantage and his cross against Parque Rodó in the quarterfinals; and gave the life to Shukushukule to force a tiebreaker. He did it by beating Palermo Dardorland, 62-59, in a game that was also close to the end in which the man from Palermo had the last to win it. In this way, the Dart lost the advantage, finishing with the “3”. Mercadito counted the points against Neutrales and finished the regular phase undefeated.

The tiebreaker will be played today at 9:30 p.m. between Yaguarí and Shukushukule.

As a result of Uruguay’s match against Ecuador for the qualifying rounds, the activity of group B was suspended.

Divisional F

The last of the divisionals played its two pending tiebreakers. Gnocchi of 29 made his game weigh in the paint, to beat La Sede almost without problems, in figures of 60-41.

Nottingham Prisa, after having forced the tiebreaker against Flint Tropics the previous week, beat him again, 53-41, to leave him without a season and advance to the quarterfinals. Federidco García with a triple, cut the rival onslaught in the fourth quarter, to close the game.

In this way, the playoffs were defined. Olivol will start the day on Tuesday at 8pm, with an advantage over Nottingham Prisa. Entraña Fina, will also start 1-0 against Last Quarter.

On Friday the activity will start at 7:15 p.m. Arrabal goes 1-0 against Banco República and then the undefeated, Aleti Torrente, goes against Ñoquis of 29 winning the series 1-0.