“Playing in a big Uruguayan team is divine”

Goes defeated Olimpia at the start of the LUB, once the Total Basketball game was over, he spoke with Ignacio Xavier, key to the missionary triumph, who recounted the family dream he fulfilled by putting on the Goes shirt.

About the game he said: “We knew it was going to be a tough match. We were going to have to start from defense, being the key to leaving them in a few points in the first quarters. That was essential to maintain the advantage and despite some ups and downs to get the point ”.

Of the intense defense of the Missionary commented: “We knew that their main weapons were Brian (García) and the small foreigner (Marquardt) who generally shoot very well from three points. By canceling them we were able to win the victory. Defending was the key to all this ”.

He had time to talk about one of the foreigners on the team: “The quality of person that Nestor (Colmenares) is and as a player is great to have him on the squad. He’s a leader. With the youngest he has a special treatment, he guides us in a good way and knows how to handle himself in a team. Anyway, I think it can give much more than it did, you have to take advantage of it ”.

Of the long squad that Goes has, he said: “It is an advantage. All young people can play, it was noted in the game that we can go in and give something to the team. Throughout the tournament he is going to help us a lot ”.

On the objective of the club he predicted: “We are going to go game by game, whatever comes next is going to be welcome. Obviously we will go for everything, but always thinking short goals. We have a nice squad, we get along well, but you don’t have to go crazy with what is going to happen next ”.

He also had time to comment on how special it is for him to play for the Plaza de las Misiones team: “My grandfather did training at Goes, he is a die-hard fan of the club. One of his dreams was to see one of his grandchildren playing at the club and my dream was to fulfill it for him. It was a very special situation just today which is the debut. I am very happy and victory will always be for him ”.

Finally confessed: “Playing in a big Uruguayan team that has a lot of people is divine. I had never played LUB and when I received the opportunity I did not want to miss it. Also for the people who are returning to the field, telling them that we are going to leave everything.

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“Playing in a big Uruguayan team is divine”