Play for your Neighborhood Basketball Tournament already has its finalists

The Juega por tu Barrio Basketball tournament will come to an end this Thursday with the completion of the final in the men’s branch.

At this point, the Tacarigua and Socorro teams arrived, which survived a brutal semifinal round in which they had to push themselves to defeat their respective rivals.

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The final clash will be held this Thursday at 7 pm at the Bernardo Caraballo Coliseum in Cartagena.

The quarterfinals and semifinals were played over the weekend.

Last Saturday, early in the morning, Nuevo Bosque gave a good account of Zaragocilla after beating it 60-44.

In the second hour, coming from less to more, Tacarigua took Getsemaní out of the tournament, beating him 54-61.

In the third game of the afternoon; Los Angeles eliminated Providencia in a vibrant game, 68-63 and closing the night, Socorro did just enough to beat Campestre 74-46.

On Sunday the 20th, the agreed semifinals were highly emotional.

In the first key, Tacarigua liquidated one of the favorites Nuevo Bosque, since Professor Jorge Díaz’s strategy was to press and run the field, based on his players Cristian Barandica and Jairo Lambis.

The duel was 65-52.

The second semifinal, between Socorro and Los Angeles, was very even from the beginning, but in the end Socorro was more forceful by taking the 55-68 victory.

In the individual tables there is another photofinish between Santiago Garzón from Los Ángeles and Charly Marín from Socorro, like this: In free throws: Charly Marín (Socorro) 28, Santiago Garzón (Los Ángeles) 27 and Gómez A (Zaragocilla) 23.

In the 3 points: Santiago Garzón (Los Angeles) 27; Charly Marín (Socorro) 28 and Santiago Guzmán (Providencia) 63.

Top scorer: Santiago Garzón (Los Angeles) 197; Charly Marín (Socorro) 186 and Santiago Guzmán (Providencia) 184.

The contest is supported by the Juega por tu Barrio Foundation of Dumek Turbay.

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Play for your Neighborhood Basketball Tournament already has its finalists