Phoenix Suns was one game away from the NBA Finals

Guard Devin Booker scored 25 points as the leading scorer of the Phoenix Suns that this Saturday beat the Los Angeles Clippers 84-80 as a visitor in the fourth game of the Western Conference finals that dominate 3-1 to the best of seven.


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Along with Booker, the Jamaican center Deandre Ayton was also decisive in the inside game with a double-double of 19 points, 22 rebounds and three assists.. For its part, the base Chris Paul chipped in another 18, including the two personnel shots he made with 1.3 seconds to go by the end of regulation time that ensured the Suns victory.

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The eaves Paul George scored 23 points as the Clippers’ leading scorer and point guard Reggie Jackson reached 20, but neither was inspired by shooting from outside the perimeter.

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Paul George knows the end is getting out of hand.

Paul George knows the end is getting out of hand.

The Clippers as a team had just 33 percent shooting from the field and 16 percent (5-31) from 3-pointers. George missed 8 of 9 attempts and Jackson 7 of 9 and French forward Nicolas Batum, who came out as a substitute, made just one of four attempts from outside the perimeter.

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The star forward The Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard missed the fourth straight game, failing to recover from a knee injury. that he has dragged since the tie began.

This is how they marked Booker. But they couldn't stop it.

This is how they marked Booker. But they couldn’t stop it.

When can the Suns close out the series?

The Suns lead 3-1 and are just one win away from returning to the NBA Finals, something they haven’t achieved since the 1993 season. when they faced the Chicago Bulls and lost them 4-2 to the best of seven. The fifth game will be played next Sunday (from 22) in Phoenix, where the Suns can close the series.

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