“Our ceiling is not close yet”

Urupan made his debut in the League with a victory over Capitol. Martín Trelles, had a huge second half to consecrate himself as a figure and after the game, he spoke with Básquet Total.

Trelles had a special debut at the LUB. In the first match of the competition in Pando, he had to face Capitol, whom he defended last tournament: “I have many friends at Capitol, it is a club that I really appreciate. Happy for the premiere here in the city, of premises, with all the people who came. Giving them the triumph was something very nice. But we have to continue. It is very nice that people accompany and this is a prize waiting for them. Because they went up last year and they couldn’t fully enjoy it. Starting like this is very nice ”.

After the game, Martín had the opportunity to take photos with several boys who got close to the figure of the night. Of that feeling, he said: “In basketball there is not much, but with the activities that are getting closer to the interior, that the boys can enjoy it and we make them part, it is very nice. It is very gratifying to be able to take a picture with a child who comes, who runs to the side of the field, who then watches TV and says to the father ‘I saw it on TV’ ”.

For the Pandense it was a barbaric night with the triple and this was referred to by Trelles: “I waited for the shots from the teammates, they trust me, I took the shots and they were able to enter. We are celebrating, very happy. I did not expect that I have so many shots left, but we were able to take advantage of them ”.

In the preseason, the green showed a great defensive level, however, it failed behind in the reaction of Capitol: “This time we were in the debit in the second quarter, when we rested a little in the rent and there they came to us. When we couldn’t control their quick attacks, that’s when they brought us the match. Then we were able to concentrate again, to control the rhythm of the game a little more, which was the most important thing for us with the rebounds. There is our key. We cannot negotiate anything on the defensive side ”.

Knowing that he has yet to incorporate Antonio Bivins, the team has a lot to grow and Martín was encouraged to talk about what the tournament has in store for the team: “Our roof is not close yet. We are a team that we have to go game by game, we are new to the League. Although we have a lot of work upstairs, all the work that Esteban (Yaquinta) and we have done on the court, we have material to be able to be in the playoffs, but we have to show that night after night. Today we only get one point, but that doesn’t mean anything ”.

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“Our ceiling is not close yet”