Opinion: The strange swerve in the regulations of the Federal Basketball League

What happened in the Federal Basketball League in the last few hours is, to say the least, messy. When the regulations indicated that the definition of the playoff positions in case of a tie was resolved in one way, a last-minute swerve changed the conditions a date before the end of the regular phase.

The only one who had his ticket insured was the leader Center Spanish (16-7)who got his ticket for the crossings several dates in advance.

Until this morning, the regulations indicated that if some teams were equal in the record, they had to be put together in a separate table and count the clashes between them to define in which position each one was.

However, with the argument that in the Patagonian division there were 24 games and the duels between the clubs were odd (two at home and one away or vice versa against each rival) the resolution to settle by difference of points was communicated. The decision was reported by Sergio Gattithe president of the Federation of Neuquén, who in turn is secretary of the Argentine Basketball Confederation led by Fabián Borro, an entity in charge of regulating and controlling all the tournaments of the discipline in the country.

That modifies the conditions, because there are five teams with similar records and the chance of a tie in points is more alive than ever, but the annotations are certainly different.

So, Biguá and Pérfora have +152 but the team from the capital of Neuquén is up by points in favor (1859 to 1808). then it is located Sports Rockwho has the same record as the other two but just +4 in point difference.

The other two with chances are Pacífico (+57) and Petrolero (+20), who share a record, but Deca has a better difference.

Before the change, with the previous criteria, Pacífico was left with fewer chances, since it had a negative record in direct duels against its competitors to enter the playoffs.

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Beyond the different analyzes that can be done on those who benefit or are harmed by this decision, It is not very healthy for sportsmanship that a regulation is changed on the fly with arguments that come from the rules but that modify what the protagonists and followers had in mind for the final stretch of the competition.

The missing date fixture:

Saturday: Pérfora-Zorros, Biguá-Pacific, Centenario-Rocaand Independent – ​​Tanker

Sunday: Independent-Foxes

Monday: Centennial-Spanish

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Opinion: The strange swerve in the regulations of the Federal Basketball League