One more for the collection: Lionel Messi took the Olimpia de Oro 2022

the prize of Prayed was received by the Vice President of the AFA, Marcelo Achilesince the captain of the albiceleste cast is in rosary beads with his family.

The delivery of the Olympia Awards 2022which was held in the hall Golden Center Fresnohad Messi win this award again, since he had achieved it last year and in 2011.

This way, “The flea” reached the tennis player Guillermo Vilas (1974, 1975 and 1977) and the boxer Santos “Falucho” Laciar (1982, 1983 and 1984) as the top winners of the Olimpia de Oro against two who got among others Diego Maradona (Soccer), Roberto De Vicenzo (Golf) , Gabriela Sabatini (Tennis), Emanuel Ginóbili (Basketball) and Juan Martín Del Potro (Tennis).

Likewise, Messi is the athlete who has won a silver olympiawith 15 logos, thus surpassing Liu Song who had 14 in table tennis.

Among the main winners of the night are Leonel Pernía in motorsport after having won the TC 2000 championship; Gabriel Deck in basketball, after his stint with the Oklahoma City Thunder of the NBA; Fernando “Puma” Martínez in boxing, upon being crowned IBF Super Flyweight World Champion; and Adolfo “Poroto” Cambiaso (grandson) in Polo, after winning the Argentine Open in Palermo with his father Adolfito and reaching a 10 handicap at the end of this year -the youngest to do so, at 16 years old- .

Meanwhile, the former tennis player Gabriela Sabatini the Olimpia de Brillantes was brought to the trajectory, while there was recognition of athletes and former athletes who were combatants in the Malvinas War on the 40th anniversary of the war this year.

Among them were Ever Moriena (Triathlon), Rubén Carballo (Boxing), Gabriel Massei (Auto Racing), Luis Escudero (Soccer), Omar De Felippe (Soccer) and Raúl Ronco (Chess).

Other tributes were for the team of the Argentine women’s field hockey team, “Las Leonas”, world champion in 2002; the two-time Argentine soccer champions from San Lorenzo in 1972; the Argentine men’s volleyball team, which in 1982 achieved third place in the World Cup held in Buenos Aires, in what was the best placement in history.

There was also a special mention for former soccer player Francisco “Pancho” Sá for being the player who won the most Copa Libertadores, with six, four of which were with Independiente and two with Boca.

The following is the list of winners


  • Chess: Claudia Amura.
  • Athletics: Franco Florio.
  • Motorsport: Leonel Pernía.
  • Basketball: Gabriel Deck.
  • Baseball: Exequiel Talevi.
  • Billiards: Ricardo Dieguez.
  • Bowls: Guillermo Montemerlo.
  • Boxing: Fernando Martinez.
  • Canoeing: Agustín Vernice.
  • Cestoball: Maria Belen Ladogana.
  • Cheerleading: Martina Ortiz Catinot.
  • Cycling: Nicolas Tivani.
  • University Sports: Micaela González.
  • Athletes for Diversity: Martín Aita.
  • Transplanted Athletes: Hernán Sachero.
  • Winter sports with international projection: Tiziano Gravier.
  • Horsemanship: Damián Ancic.
  • Fencing: Isabel Di Tella.
  • Water Skiing: Eugenia de Armas.
  • Soccer: Lionel Messi.
  • Soccer Short Size: Facundo Rojas.
  • Futsal: Matías Edelstein.
  • Gymnastics: Daniel Villafañe.
  • Golf: Augusto Nunez.
  • Handball: Leonel Maciel.
  • Field Hockey: Agustina Gorzelany.
  • Roller Hockey: Gonzalo Romero.
  • Judo: Agustin Gil.
  • Karate: Diego Ojeda.
  • Fight: Agustin Destribats.
  • Motorcycling: Joaquín Poli.
  • Swimming: Macarena Ceballos.
  • Padel: Franco Stupaczuk.
  • Skate: Ken Kuwada.
  • Duck: Thomas Heally.
  • Ball: Facundo Andreasen.
  • Modern Pentathlon: Severo Lima.
  • Weights: Maria Luz Casadevall.
  • Polo: Adolfo “Bean” Cambiaso (N).
  • Racquetball: Valeria Centellas.
  • Rowing: Sonia Baluzzo.
  • Rugby: Emiliano Boffelli.
  • Softball: Huemul Mata.
  • Squash: Leandro Romiglio.
  • Surfing: Santiago Muniz.
  • Taekwondo: Lucas Guzman.
  • ITF Taekwondo: Sabrina Mai.
  • Tennis: Francisco Cerundolo.
  • Table Tennis: Horacio Cifuentes.
  • Shot: Federico Gil.
  • Shot on the fly: Matías Sinatra.
  • Triathlon: Luciano Taccone.
  • Turf: Francisco Goncalves.
  • Volleyball: Agustin Loser.
  • Yachting: Luciana Cardozo.

Adapted sports:

  1. Swimming: Iñaqui Basilof.
  2. Athletics: Antonella Ruiz Diaz.
  3. Basketball: Silvia Linari.
  4. Canoeing: Ariel Atamañuk.
  5. Cycling: Micaela Barroso/María José Quiroga.
  6. Alpine Skiing: Enrique Plantey.
  7. Soccer: Angel Deldo.
  8. Judo: Rocio Ledezma.
  9. Rowing: Luis Alberto Salas.
  10. Taekwondo: Juan Samorano.
  11. Table Tennis: Giselle Muñoz.

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One more for the collection: Lionel Messi took the Olimpia de Oro 2022