One from Cal and another from Pena

The start of the match was even, Nacional loaded the bass making it weigh in the first minutes. As the minutes passed, Biguá improved, after running points and with Alex López very hot from the perimeter shot -8 points in a row- his offensive performance was changing considerably, going to the second quarter winning 24-18.

The second boy was a continuity of what ended up being the first, with Biguá flowing offensively and with the tricolor obsessed with the outside shot. The duck was intelligent in the readings of the advantages, attacked them and got an interesting income of 12 points. That he did not stop there, and at the end of the second quarter, he expanded to 14 units with a superb run by Vidal and later Pena García’s tray on the buzzer, to go to rest winning 48-34.

The complement found Nacional improving offensively, hand in hand with Hinkle, who with bumps of correct offensive readings, hinted at a small tricolor reaction. Reaction that Biguá quickly and constantly took care of dismantling, with Vidal pulling the strings of the match at will, but at real pleasure, eh. Constantly generating for his teammates, finding Garcia hurting from the outside and with Johnson more participative, both defensively and offensively. If someone was missing, it was Sims, who with a correct third quarter appeared when it was necessary to do so. Cal was smart, he read the moments and the advantages well, which allowed him to face the epilogue 12 up, 70-58.

The last quarter was left over, Biguá never lowered the defensive intensity that led him to dominate the match and finish it minutes before the final buzzer. Despite the problems with the 24 ‘clock and some small tricolor onslaught, the duck closed a great victory in final figures 94-82.

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One from Cal and another from Pena