On October 20 elections are held for the Retirement and Pension Fund for University Professionals | Daily Change

By Alexander Ruppel
On October 20, the Authorities Elections of the Retirement and Pension Fund of University Professionals 2021 will be held. In this sense, Dr. Blauco Rodríguez, a member of list 35, expressed. “This is a very important issue, it must be taken into account that in Uruguay there are about 100,000 professionals who by law when practicing independently must contribute to the fund so that after they complete their professional activity they can access their retirement.
Rodríguez pointed out that a group of interdisciplinary professionals met in the team from list 35 that we presented ourselves to these elections of the Fund, especially due to the critical situation that the Professional Fund is experiencing today, not said by us but that due to objective reports, for example a report from the Uruguayan Association of Accountants that determines that the viability of the Caja de Profesionales has an expiration date at the beginning of 2024, on that date it could no longer meet its obligations to pay retirements and pensions . This occurs because for years the expenses were much higher than the income, therefore they have had to resort to the reserves of the Fund to meet their obligations. That is the critical situation that is being experienced and it seems to us that it is time to generate a change of course, this team on list 35 is made up of professionals trained in management and with a track record in management, we want to change the course because clearly if it continues in this way the Professionals Fund will disappear and all the professionals who have contributed will lose such an important benefit ”.
Regarding his proposals, Rodríguez added. “We seek to achieve a greater organization and for that we must make the Fund attractive, something that today clearly is not, most professionals at the first opportunity stop contributing because they do not see it as something attractive. It is too expensive and the operating results are not attractive. We want to generate greater benefits, improve communication, show where our money is invested. We ask the current directory to show the proposals of each of the lists, as affiliates we are struck by that there is a lot of misinformation, we want to generate new benefits to continue supporting the professional, generate benefits and agreements, enhance, reactivate and have an attractive Fund so that affiliates want to be “
“List 35 wants to generate greater transparency, affiliates not only have the right but also have the obligation to be informing almost instantly what we do. In the team we are accompanied by many professionals, doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc. We are a work team of more than 150 professionals who are generating ideas and different visions in order to have the greatest plurality and benefits for all ”, he concluded.