Of three! Young man called to the national basketball team

Alexa Baltazar Mora student of PrepaTec Queretaro was pre-selected for the training camp of the National Plan for Women’s Teams of the EDEMEBA.

Currently Alexa is part of the youth basketball women’s representative team and represents the Sheep Queretaro.

“I started in the local Tornados team, you could say that they were my first steps”

The Mexican Association of Mexican Basketball (EDEMEBA) has the objective of preparing the national teams that participate in the different events of the FIBA (International Federation of Basketball).

“I am very interested in basketball because I have always liked it, since I was little I have practiced it, it is a sport that I like very much”, the student commented.

Origin of his passion for basketball

He started playing basketball when he was 6 years old. due to the interest of his father and mother in Acámbaro, Guanajuato, everything has been part of the family pillar, “My mom was the one who encouraged me the most and supported me in everything,” the student commented.

Throughout her short career, Alexa has participated in national tournaments in Saltillo, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara.

“I played many times with girls two years older than me, that was undoubtedly a challenge that I had to overcome.”

The preselection was a goal that I already had for a long timebut as a result of the pandemic I began to see the goal further away.

Tec fundamental pillar of its development

His entry into the representative team was through an arduous path of much effort and sacrifice.

“When I entered the representative, there were different challenges that I faced, since the height of my companions was greater”.

Jorge Alberto Real Nunez, representative basketball coach Tec campus Querétaro Women’s Youth Mention how Alexa has been a shock to her peers.

PrepaTec student is pre-selected to be part of the national basketball team.

“She is exemplary in every way, proactive, positively influences her colleagues and mainly brings empathy and encouragement to the team members”, the coach commented.

Find a balance between academic and sports activities. However, for Alex it is already a routine that she has been practicing since she was little.

For the Royal Coachone of the most complicated challenges with her students is being able to balance academic life and sports lifeeven sees it with Alexa and motivates her to be able to deliver 100% on both aspects of her education.

Concentration of young talent

for alexa the call to concentration it is a goal accomplishedsince I would not have achieved it without the support of your family.

“I played 5 after 2 or 3, which is a wing position, they even made me play as a rebounder”,

His coach envisions a positive future for Alexa sees many challenges and lessons learned.

“I see its promising future, in the sense that sport (basketball) is the way and not the end. It is the tool to open doors and seek an education of excellence”, the coach emphasized.

to the call they go 30 preselected category U-16Along with Alexa, the other players summoned by the State of Querétaro are: Zaidett Castillo Espinoza and Linda Sophia Portal Valderrama.

Alexa Baltazar Mora, a student from PrepaTec Querétaro, was pre-selected for the training camp of the National Plan for Women's Teams

the royal teacher He does not hide his emotion when he meets the call of his pupil:

“First, a great emotion for her and then a tremendous pride of all the team towards her since she belongs to our institution and in addition to representing herself as a person, she represents the whole team”, the coach finished.

The activity started is week in the city of Pueblawhere Alexa will look for a place in the quintets that will represent Mexico in the next international competitions that will take place in 2022.


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Of three! Young man called to the national basketball team