Objective: return to Gold as soon as possible

Today we look back and find which teams that descended from LEB Gold took only one season to regain the category. You have to go back to 11/10 to find the last team that descends and that in the following year regains its place in Gold for sporting merits. It was, curiously, the COB, which will try to repeat this success. It should be remembered that in later seasons there was a post-financial crisis period in which the teams were a bit hand-picked and the declines from Gold to Silver were mostly not executed (in addition, there were two cases of teams relegated to Silver that recovered the square but “without sporting merits” -Axarquía and Barça B-). There have been other teams that have managed to recover the category taking a little more than a season (Iraurgi and Peixe).


The last team that managed to return to Gold the following year had descended on this 10/11. It was, as we said, the COB (Aguas de Sousas Ourense), the team of Rod Brown, Arco, Galarreta, Lucho Fernández, Kale and company. The other descendant, Alcazar, disappeared.


A CB Granada that would later disappear and an Axarquía that would play in Silver on 12/13 fell before going to Gold on 13/14, but not for sporting merits, but taking advantage of the vacancy left by a Palma that could not raise (the Malaga team was the third classified and took the opportunity to ascend).


The crisis began, with reduction of teams, and the descendants (COB and Melilla) did not lose the category.


Barça B and Planasa Navarra initially fell to Silver. The Blaugrana subsidiary did decline, but Navarra took advantage of a loophole and presented the papers on time while other teams with rights took a little longer, thus remaining in Gold. Barça, who played in Silver on 14/15 and remained in the middle of The table rose by decree the following campaign after the extension of Gold by the FEB to host Miraflores and reach the even league.


With only fifteen teams, only the CB Prat descended, but the vacancies generated kept them in Gold.


Planasa Navarra and Actel Força Lleida descended. In that summer of 2016, everything happened: Araberri did not make his promotion from Plata effective, Melilla and Palencia could not be promoted to ACB and GBC voluntarily descended, so Força Lleida recovered its place with the expansion of the league to 18 teams. The last place was going to be for the Baskonia affiliate, who said no, finally being for an Araberri who did correspond that place. Navarra tried to rebuild from Silver, but it has been pigeonholed in that category. The best season was 18/19, with Xabi Jiménez on the bench and the Hernández-Sonseca, Marín, Marzo, Narros, Jiménez… on the court; This 21/22, with Jordi Juste, the red box has formed a young block to progress.


Only Peixe descended, as Clavijo was saved. The modest Marín Peixegalego, who debuted in Gold, lost the category and was forced to EBA by decision of the FEB Commission after a bureaucratic problem. The Peixiño team, a fighter like few others, rose to Silver on 18/19, returning to obtain another promotion to Gold on 19/20. The coronavirus took its toll and, despite obtaining the permanence, he did not appear in the FEB Leagues, seeing himself doomed to the Galician First National, from where he arrives again at EBA after obtaining the promotion. For his part, Clavijo took advantage of the vacancy generated by the delay in Araberri’s paperwork to ensure his permanence. Finally, the confirmation of Real Betis in the ACB caused the Vitorian squad to be played back in extremis.


The teams that descended were Sammic Hostelería and CB Clavijo. Despite the good year he had, Iraurgi could not save himself and since then he has remained in LEB Plata doing good seasons, especially a spectacular 20/21 in which he raised the cup and league, obtaining promotion to Gold for 21/22, course in which you will have the ascent block. On the part of Clavijo, who continues to entrust the bench to a Jenaro Díaz who continues to lay the foundations to come back stronger, after three seasons in Silver he now seeks to surprise from a strong national block (several weight renewals).


There were two descents. One, that of a Sáenz Horeca Araberri who decided in the summer not to go out in the competition and leave the FEB Leagues, focusing on the base categories. The other was that of Barça B, who played in Silver with Diego Ocampo and, despite the individual progression of the players, he did not manage to get into the upper zone in 19/20, something that he did in the last 20 / 21 by Mateo Rubio. However, the change of philosophy of the culé directive has prevented the promotion from being consummated.


The season in which the pandemic appeared could not finish being disputed and the FEB agreed that there would be no decreases.


The season of the four drops, something unfair in a two-group system and that took its toll, influenced by the stoppages produced by the coronavirus health crisis, causing several teams to have to play a good number of decisive matches in a few days. Ibereólica Renovables Ourense, ICG Força Lleida, ZTE Real Canoe NC and Tizona Universidad de Burgos lost the category, although finally the ilerdenses have not done so after exchanging their place with Barça B (who had risen from Silver). Real Murcia Baloncesto did not get a team in FEB Leagues, but the attempt to be fighting until the last moment to get the place caused that it could not be exchanged with the COB, as it was tried. So, as you already know, the LEB Oro 21/22 returns to the unique group of 18 teams.

Therefore, COB, Tizona and Real Canoe are the teams that will fight to return to Gold on the fast track, but for this they will have to face a tough and long competition such as LEB Silver. Be careful, because they will not be alone. Watch out for projects such as Hestia Menorca (facelift and youth breath), the powerful team formed by Grupo Alega Cantabria (a solid base and reinforcements such as Bulić and Alo Marín), a solid Albacete Basket full of good names, the national-Ukrainian bet of Reina Yogur Clavijo CB, FC Cartagena CB of Gustavo Aranzana or the possible revelation teams that always arise (Mi Arquitecto CB Benicarló, Zamora Enamora, Clínica Ponferrada CDP and the Valencia BC subsidiary, some candidates). We remind you that in LEB Silver Squads 21/22 You have the chronology of all the signings, renewals and cancellations of each team.

So far aspiring teams to return to Gold in a single course have moved at different speeds.

Tizona University of Burgos. The only one of the three candidates for the fast return who has his squad closed. A roster quite renovated, starting with a bench on which the experienced Francis Tomé will sit, who left his comfort zone in Malaga to return to LEB at the hands of the Burgos. Two basic pieces continue that will put the experience: on the one hand, the doll of Alberto Ruiz de Galarreta and, on the other, the glue of Iván Martínez. They have formed a team with five reinforcements of players with Silver projection such as the bases Luis Ferrando and Dídac Cuevas, the exteriors Peter Stümer and Pedro García and the interior Pa Mor Diene. For the paint, two star reinforcements: Ale Bortolussi (experience and wrist) and Coreontae DeBerry (strength under the rim). The young man from Burgos Alberto Alonso and the unknown Frenchman Garmine Kande complete the roster, who join the returnee Nacho García, the last announced.

Ourense Basketball Club. The arrival of Grupo Hereda has completely changed the Ourense team, which hopes to repeat the feat of 11/12. With Sergio Pérez in the sports management and Armando Gómez on the bench, the cobista team has shown its power by incorporating no less than five consolidated players in LEB Oro (which makes their ideas clear): Javi Marín (dynamic point guard), Ferran Ventura (he will want to take center stage, triples and defensive work), Greg Gantt (if he is healthy he is a danger as a bomber), José Nogués (size, experience and wrist in a category where he must break it) and Paco del Águila (fight). At backcourt will also be the combo guard Latvian Edgars Lasenbergs and the young national director Josep Fermí Cera, which will be linked to Bosco Salesianos Ourense (EBA). A team that is missing quite a few pieces, but that must be a candidate for everything. He will share a group with Tizona.

Royal Canoe. The Madrilenians return to Silver after three seasons in Gold. And they do so with important changes. The most prominent, on the bench, where José Rey (ten years in the club) will not be, who had taken the baton from an entire institution such as Miguel Ángel Aranzábal (new youth coordinator of Real Murcia Baloncesto). The chosen one has been an old acquaintance of the house like Borja González de Mendoza, who arrives after a few good years of work in Estudio. The canoeist entity began announcing the first pieces of equipment just two weeks ago, but right now it already has seven confirmed players. The renewed Guillermo Ruiz and Mario Álvarez (with experience in the category) are joined by up to five young people who come from EBA: Luis Choque, Gabriel Gil and the three loaned from Estudiantes (the exterior Ángel Comendador and the interior Emil Stoilov and Gilad Levy , which in Silver should be important as they progress in their game),.