“Now we go for everything”

Felipe Trusich was one of the figures of Unión Atlética in the victory against Lagomar to go to the semifinals, when the game ended he spoke to the web.

Unión Atlética hit the ground running, eliminated Lagomar in straight matches and continues in the fight for promotion, that illusion nobody takes away from him, that joy Trusich showed in his first words: We are very happy and content, although the objective of the club for us was already more than fulfilled, winning and passing this key against a rival like Lagomar gives even more value to what we are doing”.

The game was somewhat mixed, at one point Lagomar opened more than ten points that went through his head: “At all times we knew that taking it so much to so much was going to favor us because the pressure was on them, at times they left us a little more than we thought, there we corrected back more than anything to guide the game. In attack at times we were quite weak, it happened like that, but we won and that is fundamental”.

The game on the court had everything, extra seasoning, friction, there was a lot of talk, so it was seen from the outside and Felipe told us that from the inside it was something similar: “On the pitch it was a war, although for us it was not the last game, we took it as if it were and that was vital. I think that if the last game we played 100% this we had to go to 120% it happened and we were able to celebrate and we are very happy”.

The UA was armed to give the kids minutes and they are paying them handsomely, on closing the relatives outlined the characteristic Let’s go, let’s go kids, Felipe could not hide his emotion: The final stretch I played bristly, I already said it in several places. We are 15 players who train with the squad, of those 12 we are trained in the club, and I think that gives you a special flavor and that is why there is so much happiness, that is why we celebrate like this and people give us so much forward, because they know what we want in this club”.

Now we are going for everything, to the Peñarol Palace and to continue, we do not know if it will return to Larre, but we are going for all that there is no doubt left to anyone”. If anyone has doubts, Trusich made it clear that the semis do not go for a walk.