“Now the real tournament starts”

Great triumph for Stockolmo. With two very important casualties, Gonzalo Fernández looked for alternatives and achieved a good performance. After the game, the coach left his words.

Regarding the great triumph of the team, he stated: “It was a difficult game like all Metro games are, for us all rivals are difficult, no rival was much superior to us, nor we to another, the parity is constant and today the team took a step forward. Generally when the team is at a disadvantage, they go one step further, try to hide and the truth that they did it in a great way“.

It is a small tear in the abductor area, he has a lot of muscles and he felt, it is not ruled out for the next one, he can do a job and he can be capable. On the other hand, Juan, has a contracture at the level of the soleus and he would be able to play the next one“. Of the injuries of Mauricio Arregui and Juan Andrés Galletto.

On the Qualifier and the team’s performance, he left: “I am ok. Stockolmo’s budget for this season was small and there are many young people who are making their first weapons. Today we particularly try to stretch the squad and we achieved a good rotation“.

Working with boys means being on top of them all the time. If they want to dedicate themselves to this, they have to propose it because they have characteristics to do it“. Of what young people can generate in the future.

The players who are going to play in the League in their respective teams began to train and many have felt tired. Regarding the excess load, he stated: “The subject goes in the coordination. There is little dialogue between the League and Metro teams. They want to start now, they do not wait and feel. Now the real tournament starts and the players arrive tired. I am not saying that injuries have to do with that because we know that they take care of them“.