Notable weekend of the Rosario basketball ambassadors around the world

Orellano was important to Santurtzi in Spain.

With the opening of the season in several of the promotion categories in Spain and Italy, the panorama of activity for Rosario ambassadors who work around the world was broadened, although still awaiting the start of the United States university contest ( De Virgilio and Fux), the League of Uruguay (Sacco) and the League of Venezuela (Favarel).

In Spain, Juani Marcos (Lleida, Leb Oro), Bautista Lugarini (San Agustín, Leb Oro) and Vicente Garello (Obradoiro Silleda) were not available for their teams, but in the Leb Plata League, Tizona Burgos beat CB Clavijo by 79 a 73 and the Rosario Alejandro Bortolussi broke it with 11 points, 4 rebounds and 1 assist.

Meanwhile, in the Eba League, Santurtzi beat Leioa as a visitor by 94-59 with 18 points, 6 assists and 2 rebounds from Juan Orellano.

In addition, Lautaro Suárez’s Becedo Santander won as a visitor to Pielagos for the Eba League of Spain. It was 82 to 71 with 2 points, 2 assists and 3 steals from the Rosario point guard.

Pinta Castell lost 89 to 77 to Tarragona in the Eba League in Spain despite 26 points from Javier Bulfoni and 8 with 3 assists from Facundo Dayer.

Meanwhile, in Italy’s B, Agrigento beat Formia by 101 to 43 with 13 points, 10 rebounds and 2 assists from former Gymnastics Nicolás Morici.

It was a normal debut for Natalia Ríos and Basket Capri in the A2 season in Italy with a win as a visitor against Battipaglia by 79-56. Rosario scored 11 points and grabbed 5 rebounds.

In Serie C Gold, Sicily region, Sports Gravina beat Cus Catania 83-68 at the hands of Valentín Garello, who scored 28 points.

In the Series C Gold, Abruzzo region, Gastón Fredes’s Air Termoli lost 63-54 on its visit to Lanciano. The 7 goals and 10 rebounds of the Rosario could not twist the story.

In addition, Matías Príncipe scored 18 points in Collinare Basket Fagagna’s loss to Paisan de Prato 77-70 in Serie D in Italy.

Nicolás Domínguez will also have competition in the C Silver shortly.

For his part, he follows the action in the Mexican League. On Thursday Plateros de Fresnillo, led by Pepe Pidal, beat Fuerza Regia 87-84 in the Mexican League. In the Monterrey cast he made 2 points with 2 assists Cristian Cortés

On Friday Fuerza Regia beat Plateros 84 to 82 with 5 goals from Cristian Cortés, who also gave 6 assists and grabbed 5 rebounds.