North Conference Basketball: Barrio Parque defeated Independiente de Oliva

Another victory for Barrio Parque as a visitor against Independiente de Oliva.
Photo: Press Club Barrio Parque

In a game where defenses were more effective than attacksthe athletic Club Barrio Parque won this Friday as a visitor to the pointer of the North Conference of the Argentine Basketball League, Independiente de Oliva, by 65 to 62and added his eighth consecutive victory in this phase of the contest.

Juan Cognigni with 16 points (2 singles, 4 doubles and 2 triples) was the top scorer for Parque, while Salvador Giletto with 22 points became the top scorer for Independiente and the match.

After a favorable first half for the local team, Parque reacted in the second half of the game and kept an important game, facing the final positioning.

An even start, with both teams taking care of the details of the game, until midway through the first stage the locals began to take a slight advantage, which forced the visiting coach to ask for a minute. After that instance, Parque seemed to recover, but once again the good defensive work of those led by González, made the visitor not have offensive clarity and the host escaped again.

The second quarter Parque started with a 4-0 run, but quickly the local defense became tough again and once again Independiente made a difference.

As the minutes passed, the two began to bet on the outside shot and in that area the leader of the northern conference was also superior.

“El Verde del Sur” recovered in the third quarter, became strong in defense, found offensive options and with a partial 11/19 they got back into play.

With 2:48 to go until the end of the match, Cognigni himself with a three-pointer put Parque on top and from then on, those technically led by Gustavo Peirone were judicious when it came to passing the ball and looking for the best shooting option.

Parque won and now with 20 wins and 6 losses in this phase, they have accumulated 58 points, momentarily equaling the line of Independiente, which with 2 fewer games has the same number of units.

Parque’s next presentation will be on Friday, April 1 when he visits San Isidro in San Francisco.


Independent (Oliva) 62: Joaquín Noblega (8), Salvador Giletto (22), Lucio Reinaudi (12), Agustín Pautasso (8) and Fernando Martina (7), FI; José Bione (2), Alejandro Quigley (3), Benjamín Herrera (s/c), Nicolás Marcucci (s/c) and Tomás Ramallo (s/c). DT: Martin Gonzalez.

Barrio Parque 65: Nahuel Buchaillot (7), Federico Pedano (9), Lautaro Rivata (4), Andrés Landoni (13) and Pablo Moya (11), FI; Juan Cognini (16), Bernardo Ossela (5), Valentín Bauducco (s/c) and Ramiro Ledesma (s/c). DT Gustavo Peirone.

Referees: Julio Denmark (Trelew – Chubut), Maximiliano Moral (Villa María – Cba) and Valentín Soldano (Santa Fe).

Technical Commissioner: Gustavo Sarmiento (Rafaela – Santa Fe).

Court: Independent (Oliva).

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North Conference Basketball: Barrio Parque defeated Independiente de Oliva