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25 years after the premiere of the original film, “Space Jam: a new era” it was released in theaters last week.

The two-hour movie has as protagonist Lebron James, active basketball legend, next to other NBA and WNBA superstars and the classics Looney tunes and in my opinion it was done perfectly. It has just the right dose of entertainment and fun with some realistic twists and great little references for the basketball fans looking to enjoy a new version of the film starring Michael Jordan in the 90s.

Let me be clear: I am far from being a film critic. In fact, as I walked into the room, I couldn’t even remember what was the last movie I saw in general, let alone in a theater. I’m just a basketball fan who really enjoyed the first Space Jam And that I couldn’t wait for the remake with the superstar I grew up watching play.

With that said, this “review” contains some spoilers, but I promise to be as careful as possible for people who haven’t seen the movie yet.

Then my Nine observations on “Space Jam: A New Era”:

1. The introductory video

I’m not kidding when I write this – the movie’s opening intro video is worth the cinema price to those who are truly NBA fans.

To set the mood for a film starring LeBron James, what better choice than to excite audiences with a well-done rundown of the career highlights of one of the greatest players of all time?

Beginning with his school basketball beginnings at St. Vincent St. Mary’s, the introductory video goes through all the great events of James’ career. The best part? There’s a little comic book effect on his best plays to put everyone in “Space Jam mode.” It honestly left me speechless and I can’t wait for the video to hit the internet and social media to watch it again.

2. LeBron James: the actor

Again, I am not a film critic and I am not in place to judge someone on their acting skills.

There are probably many professionals who will be able to criticize James quite a bit for his performance, but I think that it is something enjoyable (and not very different from Michael Jordan in the original, to have an inevitable comparison).

LeBron was authentic and funny, serious and even ridiculous in fair measure. He made fun of himself, his career and also repeated some of his iconic moments and phrases. It was great to see him as the main lead. It’s a great souvenir trip for basketball fans. If you are watching this movie to see good actors, you have probably made the wrong decision.

3. LeBron’s recruiting process

NBA fans love to joke about how LeBron picks his teammates in real life, so it was okay to see the same thing for the “Tune Squad.” Without getting too deep, it was great to see him go from one realm to another to find companions to face the “Goon Squad.” In that process there are many jokes about his former teams and teammates that NBA fans will appreciate.

4. The Goon Squad

The cast of Damian Lillard (Chronos), Anthony Davis (The Brow), Klay Thompson (Wet-Fire), Diana Taurasi (White Mamba) and Nneka Ogwumike (Arachnekka) were great and they all served their purpose in the movie, but I would have I liked seeing more of them as humans because I enjoy all five as players and people and I would have liked to see them shine on the big screen. Lillard got superstar treatment with his “Dame Time” moments, which was cool. And they all had moments on the court that paid homage to their true abilities, which was cool too.

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5. The jewels for true NBA fans

Again, I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll be very careful.

If you’re a true NBA fan, keep your eyes peeled and your ears open. The movie is full of references to moments from LeBron James’ career, more than what appears to be at first glance.

From the talk about their former teams and teammates to some jokes about things LeBron said in the past, they did a great job of putting gems like that for the fans.

6. Nostalgia

From the beginning they hit you with some nostalgia showing a GameBoy Color and they don’t stop. Clearly the Looney Tunes are nostalgic in and of themselves, but everything goes further. The great game between the Tune Squad and the Goon Squad being essentially NBA Jam is a clear tribute to this journey in time of our memory.

7. Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and other Warner Bros. and HBO references

As a fan of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, I was eager to see how many references there would be to these two audiovisual classics. But overall, being a Warner Bros. product that appears on HBO Max, the movie could reference different things from famous movies and series from those giant companies. They are things that can go unnoticed by young children who see it, but that give it a nice touch for the older audience.

8. A touch on reality

The plot of the movie is very relevant to parents and kids today, making it perfect for a children’s movie.

I don’t have kids, but how many parents today are probably going through a similar situation, trying to drive their kids off video games to play real sports? With the growth of eSports in the present, it is important to consider the possibilities that technology can bring. The movie does a solid job of showing both sides of the debate.

9. Final opinion

Go see it if you haven’t already. It’s a perfect family movie and if you’re a basketball fan you won’t be disappointed, no matter your age.

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