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For a few moments, everything Denver nuggets she held her breath at the image coming from Salt Lake City. Lying on the floor with great displays of pain he was Nikola Jokic, the soul and engine of the team. For a few moments, panic invaded the organization, as a similar image last April ended with Jamal Murray, the other star, off the courts after suffering a serious knee injury. But after the loss to Utah Jazz (122-110), everything seems to indicate that they can breathe in Colorado.

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“I don’t think it’s something very, very serious.”, acknowledged Michael Malone after the meeting, giving the first signs of relief around the MVP. Serbian He did not return to action after that strong crash of his knees (in his case, the right) with Rudy Gobert who suffered during the second quarter, and the Nuggets suffered despite the good fight offered against a top team. Of course, when you see the production of the pivot in the short time on the court, you understand the magnitude of its impact: 24 points (5-6 shots of 2, 3-3 triples, 5-7 free), 6 rebounds and 6 assists in just 15 minutes. Sensational.

Malone expanded on the details of the decision not to use it again. “I spoke to him at halftime, asked him how he was and He told me that the area felt a little weak, so I made the decision to reserve it. Nikola is tough, we have seen him play with injuries and he never rests. But it was the second night of a back-to-back and it’s too important for this team to risk it if they didn’t feel comfortable.explained the technician.

According to the coach’s words, everything seems to indicate that Jokic will not need further medical studies to analyze the problem, a positive symptom that suggests that your injury would not be serious. Now, what will the Nuggets do thinking about what is coming? The thing is This Friday and Saturday they will have a new back-to-back, receiving Dallas first and then visiting Minnesota. Will Jokic be there? Undoubtedly it will be a long talk between the coach and someone quite stubborn when it comes to resting.

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“If it were up to Nikola, I would play every game. But sometimes I have to make decisions for him. And it didn’t make sense to me when he told me that he felt weak and to come out to play in the second half. And that would be for any player, it doesn’t matter if he was the MVP in this case “Malone explained. Undoubtedly, before their return to the courts, the Nuggets will want to be 100% sure that there are no major risks around their main value.

For now, the context left a not so bitter taste in the mouth despite the loss to the Jazz. “I liked the way we fought, even with a loss I am proud of our group, struggling in a back-to-back and with injuries. I liked the fact that no one lowered their head or felt sorry for themselves. I hate when people feel sorry for themselves, and that is not part of our DNA. The boys competed “, rescued Malone.

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Nikola Jokic’s injury: What did Michael Malone say about the Denver Nuggets MVP’s fitness? | Spain | The Official Site of the NBA