NCAA-DI ’22: Community Outdoors/Cotonou

After our first two scouting Summer NCAA (non-community DII Y community/Cotonou Non-DI), it is turn for DI, in which the wide range of Universities and Conferences with different level ranges complicates the search for the real level and balance. We will focus on foreign players, although we leave players with great potential out of this list, perhaps from a cache higher than most LEB League teams, except the gold liners. Therefore, we will not talk about Anthony Polite, George Papas, Stanley Umude, Andrew Garcia, Sasha Stefanovic (Purdue), Justin Minaya (Providence) or Lester Quiñones.

We therefore selected eight NCAA-DI seniors/super-seniors who, according to the information we have, have a community/Cotonou passport.

David Jean Baptiste
Haiti / 1998 / 185 cm
32 mi, 14.3 pt, 2.5 re, 2.2 ace, 1.2 ro

He has been standing out for years and being one of the weight players in his conference. If we were looking for a similar profile, it would be that of TJ Crockett (Prat, 2021-2022): an American CG, generator of options more than director, with many points in his hands. He is small, with a very good upper body and good handling of the ball, dribbling dangerous and able to get up from any distance. He asks for the ball in hot moments, it will be necessary to see his adaptation to styles such as the European.

Haiti / 1998 / 190cm
9 mi, 0.9 st, 1 k

Trained in prestigious JUCO such as Indian Hills, he came first to Florida Atlantic (9.7 pt in 2019-2020) and last season to Samford, where he had minutes (25 mi, 6.4 pt, 3.1 ace) that had no continuity this season . Be careful, because he can be like Baruti, who we will talk about at the end of the article, a hidden gem with possibilities for progression. Good size CG, good touch in handling, take advantage of his size to seek penetration, and can shoot from 3-point range or shoot mid-range after bounce, although he needs to improve his shooting consistency. Good read for the rebound, he has the ability to look for the best placed teammate. If he progresses in his match tempo control, he can certainly grow.

Mike Okauru
Nigeria / 1999 / 190cm / 84kg
31 mi, 13.2 st, 3.9 re, 2.1 ace, 1.4 ro, 1.7 sl
54% T2, 35% T3, 81% TL

ExGator without minutes, three years to good performance in his current university, and summoned by Nigeria for a training camp. He is a physical ‘two’, with driving ability and power, reaching the rim with good definition. He can shoot threes off his feet and is a good defender. Very comfortable in the open field. An interesting profile.

Gabe Stefanini
Italy / 1999 / 191cm
23 mi, 8.9 pt, 2.5 re, 2.1 ace, 1.1 ro

After two years without playing due to injury and the cancellation of the season at Ivy, the Italian requested a transfer and arrived at the USF Dons. It reminds me of Francis Alonso. A lethal player, with a very good hand, who controls all distances (with or without the ball) and who looks for the shot very well. Maybe it’s his fault that he’s too one-dimensional.

*He will play on 22/23 at the Italian Pallacanestro Reggiana.

Keon Clergeot
Haiti / 1996 / 185 cm
SE Louisiana
29 mi, 12.9 pt, 2.5 re, 3.2 ace, 1.2 ro

With a past in cache centers such as Mass and Memphis, it has materialized in its current destination. He is a small but very strong 2, unstoppable when he goes inside, capable of playing without the ball, taking many free kicks with good success from the free throw line and not afraid to shoot from any distance. He watched his losses and his adaptation to tactical leagues such as the LEB.

Ezekiel Alley
Togo / 1999 / 183 cm
Portland State
25 mi, 11.2 pt, 3.4 re, 2.4 ace, 1.3 ro

Player who came to DI this season and knew how to adapt to a team role, despite coming from being a scoring star in DII, in which he averaged 19.9 points during the 2020-2021 season. CG light but with something interesting, very good handling of the ball and a first step that makes a difference, with a very characteristic ability of after feinting to take a step back and get up from any distance, being able to be a scorer of streaks. Good driversable to play Q&A, knows how to get to the hoop, although he suffers in physical contact and perhaps does not get as much revenue as he should. In DII he regularly scored threes and in defense this year he has shown that he knows how to not hold back and have fast hands, being very comfortable in the open field.

Ivan Alipyev
Bulgaria / 1999 / 203cm
LMU (2020/2021)
27 mi, 7 st, 3.5 k, 1.4 ace

Bulgarian International. Out due to injury this course, he was going to ask for the transfer but finally jumps to professionalism. We are therefore left with your data from 2020/2021. A forward with a very good plant, he reminds me of Matej Kavaš. Knowing that his strength is his shot, he is always placed and has a quick and clean setup, being able to drive the ball to the basket, as well as helping with the rebound. In his role, he is a profile to take into account.

Bitumba Baruti
DR Congo / 201cm
Florida Atlantic
13 mi, 3.7 st, 2.9 r

It has passed through various centers. debuted as freshman in Washington without minutes, from there to a JUCO where East Carolina noticed him (7 pt, 4 re, in 21 mpp) and now he has emigrated as Graduate Student. Interesting player, but I bet on him not as a fake ‘four’, but as a high ‘three’ with a good hand. Dangerous from the triple in catch and shoot (very fluid mechanics), but without forgetting that he also uses posting, can attack the offensive rebound and knows how to open up without problems, in addition to having size on defense.

Of course, there are more interesting foreign players, but I have not been able to confirm their community/Cotonou passport, or if they offer it with it at least the representation agencies. This list is just a sample that the NCAA returns to the world rookie And we have one more reason for joy. Thank you for reading us.

We would like to say thanks to the author of this short article for this awesome content

NCAA-DI ’22: Community Outdoors/Cotonou