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Another exciting day of NBA basketball comes with the best possible scenario: a seventh game. The Playoffs In its purest state, you will see two historical groups measured as they are Philadelphia 76ers and Atlanta Hawks in a series that has taken on dramatic overtones at times and where consistency is being the main key to adding victories. Doc Rivers’ men have missed several golden opportunities in the last two games to have been able to seal the pass to Conference Finals, but the errors in attack, the lack of ideas and the mistake of decisive figures have led Georgia to reach a Game 7 for the first time in a long time.

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Philadelphia has seen its seemingly straightforward path to Conference Finals was disturbed by some Hawks more than brawlers and they have found in Bring young the leader they needed to build their project on a firm foundation. After the Sixers managed to force the seventh with a Infallible Seth Curry, both teams will play the guy in a duel that will star on Sunday night.

The match, which will begin at 7:00 p.m. CDMX and 9:00 p.m. in Argentina, it can be followed through NBA League Pass, the official streaming platform of the league to which you can subscribe here.

As a preview for Game 7 we are going to take a look back to know the history and precedents of both sets in these situations.

Philadelphia 76ers

NBA Playoffs 2021 The History of the Philadelphia 76ers and

One of the historic franchises of the current NBA despite the change of name in 1963 and that in recent years has experienced a rebirth more than sought after. Something that has led Pennsylvania to live key duels for the victory in the Playoffs.

The Sixers have played a total of 16 seventh games throughout their history, dating the first to 1954 when they were still the Nationals, a duel that ended with a defeat against George Mikan’s Minneapolis Lakers who thus took the championship. The balance sheet is 6 wins and 10 losses, but considering only since the change to Philly, this amounts to 5-8, a slightly more positive record.

In the more recent era, Philadelphia has played 2 Game 7, first in 2012 against the Boston Celtics and then in 2019 against the Toronto Raptors. Both matches ended in the same way, being defeated in the last stages of the game after a head-to-head match. That game against the greens has its history as it happened after they eliminated the favorites Chicago Bulls who suffered injuries from Rose and Noah, which motivated a group led by Andre Iguodala, Jrue Holiday, Lou Williams and Thaddeus Young to lead the Celtics of the Big Three to the limit. The most curious thing about this seventh is that it was the main plot of the film Uncut Gems, co-starring Kevin Garnett.

On the other hand, in 2019 one of the tightest finals in NBA history was experienced with a shot to remember. After living a very equal series, that Game 7 was a war without quarter where Jimmy Butler and Kawhi leonard they were the main producers for their teams. The latter in particular would star in a memorable as well as unusual action, getting the victory for the Canadians with a winning shot, the only buzzer beater of all time in a Game 7.

The 76ers’ last victory in a seventh dates from 2001 when they were able to prevail, first the Toronto Raptors in the Semifinals and then the Milwaukee Bucks in the Conference Finals in a playoff race to remember.

Atlanta Hawks

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Atlanta has the peculiarity of having been a franchise that has changed its name and location on many occasions throughout history and, despite being in the competition since 1950, it has not managed to repeat the success achieved in those first seasons with Bob. Pettit for reference. This ends up translating into a low volume of previous experiences in seventh meetings with only 15, obtaining a balance of 4 victories and 9 defeats.

The problem for the Hawks is that the last time the franchise experienced a Game 7 It was too long ago, dating back to 2014 when Mike Budenholzer was still his coach. On that occasion, the Georgians could not find a way to stop an unleashed Paul George who went up to 30 points and completed a decisive last quarter. To find the next precedent You have to go back to 2010 where they achieved victory in the First Round over the Milwaukee Bucks.

The key to Atlanta’s Game 7 story is that all their victories have come when they have been local, always losing in the Game 7 that have been given away from home. Something that differentiates them from Philadelphia that managed to beat the Boston Celtics in 1982 at their own home, although they also know what it is to lose at home, falling in 1968.

The positive for the Hawks is that in their squad there are players who know very well what it is to live a Game 7 in their NBA career. Veteran figures such as Danilo Gallinari and Lou Williams, as well as key figures of the caliber of Clint Capela.

History never plays or takes sides in the resolution of events but it serves as a context to understand the background of each of the teams and organizations.

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