NBA: he wanted to give a pass and ended up knocking out a woman from the stands

During a game unusual things can happen, mistakes that nobody would have wanted to make, unexpected reactions, or many other variables. This Monday there was a curious situation in a crossing that could be classified as the blooper of the year in the NBA and quickly went viral on social networks.

It is that during the game between Houston Rockets and Charlotte Hornets that concluded with the triumph of the franchise chaired by Michael Jordan by 123-99, Christian Wood starred in a surprising moment. There were only six seconds left until the first half of the game ended and the Houston recovered the ball from under the basket. That was when Wood wanted to give a pass that went wrong.

The 26-year-old basketball player tried to get out playing fast and wanted to pass the ball at full speed to a teammate who was in the middle of the court. Even so, he did not get the calculation right and He lacked precision which meant that the ball ended up hitting the head of a woman who was walking by the side.

Christian Wood and his apology after the pitch

As the fan moved around the area behind the front row seats, she received a huge hit that made her stumble and other people took charge of supporting her. Quickly franchise staff came to check his health while the player took his head and came over to apologize when the match ended.

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Even at the press conference, the Houston Rockets player spoke about it and said: “I hope he’s okay.” Then he uploaded an image to his official Instagram account in which he offered front row tickets for his team’s match. she wishes to witness. Despite the blooper and the uncomfortable situation, it did not happen to adults and she is fine. It will be necessary to see if she accepts Wood’s offer …


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NBA: he wanted to give a pass and ended up knocking out a woman from the stands