NBA at Christmas: the Warriors destroy Memphis and Tatum takes out the MVP mode against the Bucks

Christmas is not just any day for the NBA. The most important basketball league on the planet has transformed the day of celebrations into one of its most iconic dates, managing to attract millions of viewers with stellar matches every December 25. This year was no exception and fans were able to witness special duels this Sunday.

Special games and with striking factors such as the confrontation of stars against promises, territorial classics or matches between leading franchises of each franchise. Components that obviously appeal to all NBA fans.

Madison Square Garden was supposed to have activity on December 25. It was unthinkable that the legendary venue was not included in the seasonings of this Christmas special and although the fans knew that they had a complex duel ahead, they did not fail to witness the duel against the 76ers.

But the gifts were for the visitors, who had no mercy with some Knicks that are left with a balance of 18-16 after the game against Harden and Embiid. In fact, the two All-Stars were primarily responsible for Philadelphia’s victory, contributing 29 and 35 points respectively.

The victory was 119 to 112 for those led by Doc Rivers, who remain with a record of 20 wins and 12 losses, in fifth place in the East.

Luka Doncic got his first Christmas victory this afternoon. The Slovenian was key in the duel against the Lakers, who have four straight losses and continue to have many problems after the new injury to Anthony Davis.

Without the big man on offense, the entire attack of the 2020 champions goes through LeBron James, who despite his 38 points in 34 minutes, could not silence the American Airlines Center. Westbrook for his part had 17 points, five rebounds and four assists coming off the bench.

On the Dallas side, the owner of the game was once again Luka Doncic. In 1977 he nailed 32 points, nine assists and nine rebounds, bordering on a new triple double. But he wasn’t alone, as Wood contributed 30 points, seven assists and eight rebounds in the Mavs’ 124-115 victory.

Doncic and LeBron in the preview of the game. (Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)

As fate would have it, this duel scheduled when the league started today defined the Eastern leader. The two strongest teams in the conference went to the TD Garden to play for much more than pride and it showed. They found a match of the highest level and where it was clear that the Celtics are going for the ring.

Resounding victory by 139 to 118 with a Jayson Tatum at a masterful level. The modern emblem of these Celtics nailed 41 points, seven rebounds and five assists, being the great Boston scorer who was left with a balance of 21 wins and 10 losses.

A great performance that even left Antetokounmpo dull, as the Greek managed to accumulate 27 points, nine rebounds and three assists. Numbers that would be excellent for anyone, but for 34 they can even be a bad day at the office.

Without Stephen Curry or Andrew Wiggins, the Golden State Warriors celebrated this December 23. The injuries did not harm a team that flowed at all times against a Grizzlies that could do nothing in the bay.

It was a 123-109 victory for the current champions, who found their great scorer in Jordan Poole, despite the fact that he was expelled from the game for double technical fouls with nine minutes remaining in the last quarter.

The Warriors remain with a balance of 16-18 while Memphis continues to lead the West with 20 wins and 12 losses.

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NBA at Christmas: the Warriors destroy Memphis and Tatum takes out the MVP mode against the Bucks