Nazhira Buiatti is the new member of the Provincial Basketball Team

Iguazú (LaVozDeCataratas) Happy news moves the local sports world, as two teenagers from Iguazú managed to enter the provincial basketball team. For the women’s league it was called Nazhira Buaiatti, 17, who will travel to represent the province, along with 12 other girls, in the U17 National Championship.

Nazhira, As an athlete family, he began training at age 10, due to a physical difficulty: «I started training at age 10, mostly because I had asthma, to improve my physical condition. It was just a hobby for me » mentioned LaVozDeCataratas.

It was just at the age of 15 where he decided to dedicate himself professionally to this sport: “I decided to improve for myself, make more effort and be responsible with basketball, accompany the games, not miss training and for two years I had the goal in mind of reaching the national team,” he added.

That responsibility improved her condition and play, so she was chosen to be part of the missionary selection, after two hard training sessions where she competed with 30 other girls from all over the province. Regarding the process, he highlighted that: «It was very hard, because they were girls with another level, with another type of teaching and training, the girls were really very good and I didn’t imagine that I was going to be able to do it »he explained.

Nevertheless, the coaches decided that if she was ready and she was selected to be part of the team that will travel to La Rioja next week to represent the red land in front of the whole country.

«It was a mixture of emotions because with my family we always look forward to this moment, It was difficult, but I was able to achieve it with effort and dedication »she commented on the moment she found out that she was summoned.

Therefore, he encouraged other young people to: «If you have a goal and you make an effort, sooner or later you will arrive. It cost me because there were times I wanted to give up, but basketball is what brings out the best in me, It is my favorite place and we are very happy ».