Nacional won the duel of leaders in basketball | Daily Change

By the third date of the Salteño Basketball Championship, Nacional beat Universitario in the pointers duel and is the only undefeated. The tricolor became strong at home and ends up winning it well, making a good last quarter where he made the ball circulate better.
The first quarter ends with Universitario winning 15 to 11, focused on the brand narrowing spaces, above all canceling the shot of three tricolor, with Eduardo Tauré as a figure accompanied by Magnone and Cámpora. For the second quarter, Nacional adjusts marks and runs the field better, with the entry from the bench of “Nano” Techeira who made his teammates play, the importance of “Nacho” Cardozo, the foreign card Guillermo Saavedra began to gravitate, to that Nacional go to rest up.
Again in the third quarter, the University adjusts the marks, Cámpora is irrepressible down, the outside shot appears, the rebounds and the ‘Red’ goes forward 48 to 47. What was thought was going to be an uncertain, closed end, was the opposite ; In the beginning, the National Pass, who faced the hoop with the kids, took fouls and had a good percentage of hits in free practice, while the ‘U’ was left without a goal and seemed tired.
Nacional won an important party and is the only leader.
Enrique H. Olaizola
Gym: National. Audience: 400 people. Referees: Camilo Cunha-Marcos Panissa. Rooms: PC: U 15-11. PT: Born 27-24. TC: U 48-47.
National: Agustín Méndez 2, Luca Cattani 21, Ignacio Cardozo 8, Dionisio Rodríguez 3, Guillermo Saavedra 12 (initial formation), Mariano Techeira 11, Ivo Dos Santos 12, Nahuel Bono, Facundo González, Fabricio Mazzoncini. DT: José L. Testa. The best: Mariano Techeira.
University: Dante Magnone 11, Eduardo Tauré 15, Federico Cámpora 12, Felipe Joffré 8, Enrique Posada 4 (Initial formation). Nelson Díaz 4, Santiago Borges, Luis Marquizo, Facundo Gerez, Diego Aguirre 1. DT: Francisco Carvallo. The best: Eduardo Tauré.