Mondelo’s final list: the 12 players who will go to Tokyo

Lucas Mondelo, women’s national basketball coach, has made known to the twelve players that will make up the squad who will travel to Tokyo next Saturday, July 17 to play what will be the fifth Olympic Games for the women’s team.

The players that will make up the team are Silvia Domínguez, Cris Ouviña, Laia Palau, Maite Cazorla, Queralt Casas, Leo Rodríguez, María Conde, Alba Torrens, Raquel Carrera, Laura Gil, Tamara Abalde and Astou Ndour, who will join the team imminently.

Forward Laura Quevedo and center Paula Ginzo, who have both been discarded, will continue working with the rest of the team until July 15..

The coach stressed that “the two players have been part of the team throughout this summer, playing the Eurobasket in Valencia, helping the team and performing at the highest level“.

The definitive list for Tokyo

Player Height Age Position International times
6. Silvia Domínguez 1.68 3. 4 Base 191
5. Cristina Ouviña 1.73 29 Base 94
9. Laia Palau 1.80 41 Base 310
12. Maite Cazorla 1.78 24 Base-escort 13
18. Queralt Casas 1.77 28 Shooting guard 72
11. Leo Rodríguez 1.80 29 Shooting guard 91
22. Maria Conde 1.86 24 Eaves 40
7. Alba Torrens 1.90 31 Eaves 177
14. Raquel Carrera 1.88 19 Wing-Pivot 13
24. Laura Gil 1.91 29 Power forward 128
13. Tamara Abalde 1.90 32 Pivot 64
45. Astou Ndour 1.96 26 Pivot 71

“They are players of present and future, who have shown great professionalism and have done a good job, “added Mondelo.

The women’s team will travel to Tokyo next Saturday, July 17. Before and Over the next few days, it will continue in Madrid with its set-up for what will be the fifth Games in women’s history.

“The players transmit a lot of energy to me and despite the losses and difficulties, we continue to grow day by day. We will go to Tokyo with illusion. I have hope in the team, “Mondelo said.