Missing young woman in Cerro neighborhood is intensely wanted throughout the city | Daily Change

As we reported, the collaboration of the population is requested to locate the young Nataly Soledad Texeira Fraga, 19 years old, who has been missing since Tuesday, October 12 at 22:00 from the address in the north of the town.
Since that moment, relatives and close friends of Nataly have tried on several occasions to communicate by telephone, without positive results at the moment, while they do not know her whereabouts. On Saturday, October 16, a woman appeared at the Police Station denouncing the incident. For information call or go to the nearest Police Section or the 9-1-1 Emergency Service. According to what was expressed by police authorities to CAMBIO, the complaint was filed 4 days after the disappearance of the young woman and there had already been complaints and precautionary measures between the person involved and her 25-year-old partner, once those measures had expired the couple had returned and even on Saturday, October 9, Nataly had been absent from her home, returning days later. An important search is carried out by all police agencies.
Verónica Texeira, Nataly’s aunt told CAMBIO that they have no information about the disappeared at the moment and that the last person who saw her was her partner. “Nataly has been missing since Tuesday at 11:30 pm, she disappeared from her home, nothing is known about her, the last person who had contact with her was her partner and from then on nothing was known. What he commented is that Nataly told him “I’m going to come and go on Thursday”, nothing else was known. None of her friends who hung out with her knows anything, none of them saw her, ”she said.
“She is the mother of 2 girls, they are with their grandmother on their father’s side. I found out on Thursday night and made the complaint in the Quinta section, from that moment we had no response, later I spoke with the section chief and they immediately began to look for her. When she left the house she had her cell phone and it is turned off, without an order from the Prosecutor they cannot track the cell phone. We are desperate to know something about her, we are pasting photos and searching by all means. Anyone who may have any information please contact 098954982 or Guaraní 65, “he added.
“She left her house wearing a black jacket, cowboy and black mushrooms. That’s what her partner told us, who was the last person to see her.
He has been asked if he knows anything about her and he says no, now it is in the hands of the justice that they investigate him, the earth did not swallow it and it has to be somewhere “, he concluded.