Miles Bridges avoids jail for his case of gender violence

the nba player Miles Bridges reached an agreement this Thursday with the Los Angeles County Prosecutor’s Office (USA) to avoid jail for the accusations against him of sexist violence and child abuse.

Bridges, who played in the Charlotte Hornets the last four seasons, he will have to serve three years of probation and, with the agreement reached, he accepted his sentence without pleading guilty in this trial.

“We believe that this resolution was the best way to make Mr. Bridges responsible for his conduct,” the Los Angeles prosecutor’s office said in a statement picked up by US media.

Bridges assaulted his girlfriend in front of his two children

“We also understand, through your representatives, that the victim he wanted a quick resolution of the case. The victim and her representatives were consulted about this proposed resolution and agreed with the outcome of the case,” they added.

The player was charged in July with three crimes of sexist violence and child abuse after assaulting his girlfriend in the presence of his two sons.

George Gascón, who is in charge of the Angeleno County Prosecutor’s Office, assured in a statement that this type of violence “creates a physical, mental and emotional trauma that has a lasting impact on survivors.

The player remains a restricted free agent with the Hornets.

On June 29, Bridges was arrested in Los Angeles for an alleged assault on his girlfriend with his two children present. He was subsequently released after the judge set bail at $130,000. Bridges, who was the Hornets’ leading scorer last season, averaged 20.2 points, 7 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game.

At this time it is restricted free agent and his future in the NBA is in question.

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Miles Bridges avoids jail for his case of gender violence