Michael Jordan wears the watch of space superheroes and rebels

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Michael Jordan’s Urwerk UR-220

Most basketball fans who attended the NBA’s 75th anniversary ceremony a few days ago were thrilled to see Michael Jordan socializing with his peers—or rivals—and with his heir, Lebron James. Meanwhile, the fans of the clocks they were more interested in what the GOAT (the greatest of all time) wore on his wrist: the strange and futuristic mark Urwerk, which also led to an All-Star game. It’s about a watch UR-220, customized for the athlete with a couple of nice touches. The accents, which are usually yellow or green, have been changed to Chicago Bulls red, and the Roman numerals XXIII (Jordan wore 23) are also engraved in gold.

Michael Jordan.

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Urwerk UR-220.


Michael Jordan has a weakness for clocks of the Urwerk space age. Even the basketball star owns a UR-103, the UR-202 and the UR-202S. Science fiction is present in the Swiss brand: the design of the first Urwerk watch was inspired by Han Solo’s trusty Millennium Falcon in Star Wars. When Marvel needed a watch to match the Iron Man suit, they called on Urwerk.

Urwerk co-founder Felix Baumgartner isn’t as interested in telling users the exact time as he is in making them “time conscious,” he told me in 2020. Urwerk’s first watch didn’t even bother to display the minutes: ” The real luxury is having time,” Baumgartner says, “and actually not even knowing time to the second, just having your own sense of time.” Judging by the luxury of the Jordan’s Custom UR-220It seems that no one has more time than him.

Nor can we forget the clock that Robert Pattinson wore, a design worthy of Bruce Wayne, or the Guy Fieri piece that made it clear that his love for the clocks it is similar to his taste in food.

Robert Pattinson’s Cartier Tank Must

Robert Pattinson.


Cartier Tank Must.


Robert Pattinson has been in a moment of absolute sartorial tension. The actor has tapped into the ’90s trend to sport baggy suits, oversized coats and silver jewelry, but this watch goes back even further. The line Tank Must de Cartier originally debuted in the 1970s as a response to the quartz crisis, when clocks more affordable ones flooded the market and captured the hearts of customers. Production of the line stopped in the 1990s, however, Cartier has recently regained Must in a couple of truly mesmerizing shades: forest green, ocean floor blue, and burgundy. The clocks they have been a pleasure for the public and it seems that the next batman is also a great admirer of this iconic design. Credit goes to watch writer Nick Gould for noticing it.

Stephen Curry’s Patek Philippe Nautilus

Stephen Curry.

Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images

Patek Philippe Nautilus.


Good Stephen! It seems that collection of clocks de Curry — who once drove a $600 Movado — is catching up. Lately, Stephen Curry has brought out the heavy artillery, with models from Panerai and Cartier. But his collection wouldn’t be complete without him. Patek Philippe Nautilus, one of the most important pieces for an elite athlete. The basketball player ignored the basic model and opted for the reference 5740 with a perpetual calendar. This is the first Nautilus equipped with what Patek calls a “grand complication”.

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Michael Jordan wears the watch of space superheroes and rebels