Mexico ready to compete in the Acropolis Basketball Cup but without Juan Toscano

Mexico ready to compete in the Acropolis Basketball Cup but
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Guadalajara Jalisco.

After competing in the Energa Cup in Poland where they achieved a victory and a defeat, the Mexican basketball team is now preparing to participate this weekend in Greece in the Acropolis Cup and the coach of the national representative Omar Quintero released a list of 13 players who will compete in the event:

  • Orlando Mendez
  • Diego Willis
  • Jose Estrada
  • Omar de Haro
  • Gabriel Girón
  • Marco Ramos
  • Esteban Roacho
  • Fabian Jaimes
  • Juan Pablo Camargo
  • Jorge Camacho
  • Alejandro Reyna
  • Paul stoll
  • Daniel Friend

The tournament will be very important for the representative tricolor because They will face teams that are in the Top 20 of the world such as Greece With whom they will face this Friday, later they will face Serbia on Saturday and will close their activity with Puerto Rico on Sunday, matches that will serve to correct some aspects, in the face of the Pre-Olympic Championship that will take place from next Tuesday in Croatia .

One of the important casualties that Mexico will have for the Pre-Olympic will be the player of the Golden State Warriors of the NBA, Juan Toscano who did not reach an agreement with the Mexican Basketball Association to contest the contest.

“The coaching staff together with Ademeba, we got in touch with Juan, his representative (Moisés Cohen) and the manager of the Golden State Warriors and everything that was asked was being fulfilled. The NBA insurance has been processed, in fact the league asked us for patience because we were the ones who were pushing harder and harder for it to be there, and from the other also, everything was granted. We were waiting for him on the 19th or 20th (June) and overnight they tell us that he is no longer coming. For our part, it was not. Everything he asked for was going to be fulfilled ”, declared coach Omar Quintero.

For the qualifying event for the Tokyo Olympic Games in Croatia, Omar Quintero will have to define a list of 12 players and the representative tricolor will have Francisco Cruz and Gustavo Ayón, who will join the work next week.

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