Merged zone

The game started better for the locals who were planted in the area and did not move from there. With penetrations from Castro and quick transitions from Piñeiro, they put an 8-0 which motivated the Bicho minute. On his return, the visit adjusted, Fefo Curbelo warmed his hand, Nacho González adjusted the defense and Paysa improved. But the merged one returned to the ring with everything, Nicoletti won in prominence, Piñeiro ran the field and thus those of Cardal Street went up 23-10.

At the beginning of the second boy the blue team opened the maximum of 13 (28-15). From there Paysandú closed well in defense, he glimpsed the match with Rama in defense, Cabrera put a bomb and Fefo Curbelo hurt when he opened; so they quickly got into the game. Those led by Masner were no longer comfortable, the coach rotated the squad, Johnny Rodríguez was the clearest with Nicoletti. The visit was intense pressure and ended well with Arellano and Martinis, narrowing to three (28-25). The closing was somewhat cut and mixed, the locals finished better with Piñeiro to go up 37-31.

For the third quarter, much more was said than what was played. The game was tangled, unclear, but this helped Paysandú who managed the ball better with Arellano from the lead and goal from the perimeter, the point guard carried the team on his shoulder. Nacho Castro was the one who searched the most in the Cardal street with penetrations and discharges that were devastating for the defense of Paysa. Those led by Silveira were solid in defense, Arellano continued as a figure and standard, plus a good re-entry of Nacho González attacking the basket, thus they passed for the first time on the scoreboard, they even went up 50-44.

The final ten minutes opened with a 6-0 by the hosts, a goal and a free kick by Nicoletti and a lethal triple by Johnny (50-50). Those from Emilio Raña Street closed in on the painting with Curbelo and Crócano and sought to run the field with González. The two casts alternated on the scoreboard, Nicoletti carried the team on his shoulder in the hottest moment, Tomás De León appeared at the end being key and the locals took three (62-59). The closing was exciting for the rest, the free games played a separate game, De León went to the line and failed both for his part, in the reload, Cabrera in Paysa, placed both and equalized at 65. Nicoletti broke the defense and converted to go through two (67-65). Silveira asked for a minute and his team did not specify well, the curtain was lowered by Johnny with free games to put the final figures 70-65.

San Telmo Rápido Sport won well in the last two games, today it was difficult for him to be down in the final stages but he has players who contribute a plus for the division and are determined to fight in this DTA. Al Paysa escaped him, he has a lot to correct if he wants to straighten out and return to victory as soon as possible.

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Merged zone