United States He was crowned champion of the men’s basketball tournament in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and the result of 90-75 of the final before Japan It would be for the Argentine public one more news or one more anecdotal fact that threw the event par excellence of world sport.

But nevertheless, what should interest the fan of this sport in our country is that in the American Olympic champion team, the player Diana Taurasi won her fifth gold medal.

Who is Diana? Although he was born in Chino (California), his mother is Rosario, his father is Italian and therefore he also has a family in our country. The basketball player is a benchmark of this sport in United States (WNBA) and the world, as together with Sue bird, are the players who played the most Olympic matches: Taurasi adds up to 38, while Bird accumulates 36 presences. All the encounters were carried out in the five Olympic Games of those who participated, from 2004 to date.

Dee, as her peers call her, is 39 years old and 1m83s tall. He currently plays for the Russian club Ekaterimburg. Y In the Olympic final he contributed 7 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists in 28m52s that he was on the court.

It is worth remembering that Taurasi was playing for his country in the Argentina, when he played in White Bay the 2019 Olympic Qualifying, which took place at the stadium Dow Center of Bahía Basket.