“Mario was a great person who left everything for Paysa”

Javier Crocano was one of the figures that Paysandú had in the victory against Montevideo at the Miramar court, after the Total Basketball match he went in search of the inmate’s word.

“It was a very tough game, the DTA is very even, all the games are tough and it was key to win to be up and divide the table a bit. There was a beautiful game, where we became strong at home and got a good win ”, He began by saying the number 11 of Paysandú.

The 35-year-old basketball player referred to his role on the playing field: “I am a role player, I do what the team needs, I like to play below the boards and help with the rebounds, if the points come, they are welcome.”

Already in the first half Paysandú broke the game: “It was all from the defense, we complicated them with the defense in the zone and we got a nice advantage that we knew how to maintain.”

For the people of the club, it was a special date since it bore the name of Mario Gard, historical delegate of the club, “Mario is no longer with us but he is always present, he was a great person who left everything for Paysa and the truth is that there are no words for what he did, this date was dedicated to him and it was more than deserved.”

Free practice was always a weak point in Crocano but they have been improving: “The technique improved but they do not enter, hopefully some of the next ones enter.”

Regarding the incorporation of Marcio Rivas, he commented: “With his arrival we are complete, now there are important games to be won to try to enter the playoffs.”

To conclude, he commented on his friendship with several former and current basketball players and the goals of the club: “Luckily I have many friends who always give me a move on, say hello to them. Now we are going to go game by game thinking about what is coming since it is a very even championship except for Welcome that took off and we are going to face everything in the best possible way to go for everything “.

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“Mario was a great person who left everything for Paysa”