Marc Gasol’s huge debut in the LEB Oro to boost Girona


12/03/2021 –

Lcam four months without playing an official basketball game, since Spain fell with the United States in the quarterfinals of the Olympic Games, but Marc Gasol has not forgotten to play basketball. He demonstrated it in his debut in the LEB Oro with Basketball Girona, the club that he presides over and that now sees how its owner He has rolled up his sleeves to lend a hand to his team, which was in low hours after chaining seven defeats in a row and resurfaced with the colossal thrust of their new leader.


And its premiere was the hand of a saint. Girona was reunited with victory after defeating bottom Levitec Huesca (89-47) and Marc Gasol made the dream debut a reality by completing a fantastic match to lead their team with a superlative statistic: 19 points (5/6 t2, 1/2 t3 and 6/6 tl), 16 rebounds, one assist, one steal and seven fouls received for a total of 39 valuation, in just 21 minutes on court.

Titularsimo and plugged in from the initial jump

Marc was headline, how could it be otherwise, to the delight of the public who flocked to the Fontajau pavilion to see their idol. And it did not disappoint. From the initial jump he made no effort to dribble and he was seen to be willing to contribute and add, but always in a very altruistic way. In attack he barely looked at the ring and focused on make good blocks to your teammates while taking over all rejects. And there were many, because the Levitec Huesca failed the unspeakable, justifying its bottom condition.

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In the first part He only shot three times to basket (1/2 t2, 0/1 t3 and 4/4 tl), but he went to rest with 6 points, 11 rebounds, one assist, two losses, four fouls received and 18 valuation in just 12 minutes on court. Difficult to contribute more things in less time to leave the party practically sentenced (41-21), And without wanting to monopolize the ball at any time. This is Marc, altruism on all four sides I already played in the NBA with the Lakers, or in the LEB with the Girona Basketball. That is his ‘modus operandi’, which makes him even bigger if possible.

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It is true that Levitec Huesca was no rival at any time. In the first half he only managed to score seven baskets in play (7/16 t2 and 0/12 t3), but also that Basketball Girona and Marc Gasol did not take their foot off the gas at no time. The pvot could have stayed on the bench the entire second half to save effort after so long without playing, but he did not. His coach, Jordi Sargatal, gave him minutes both in the third quarter and in the last.

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AND Marc did not resent even if he had not played a game in four months, without forgetting that in January I will be 37 years old. He had been training with the team for two months and Now he needs to pick up a rhythm, that’s why he played despite the game being resolved. He was physically solvent and did not stop fattening his statistics until with five minutes to go, with the game already decided (73-38), his coach sent him on the bench to take the ovation of the night. The LEB Oro, with Marc Gasol, acquires another dimension. And if he continues like this, he has one more candidate for the MVP of the season.


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Marc Gasol’s huge debut in the LEB Oro to boost Girona